Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic

Marketing Strategy

The more the Covid-19 Virus spreads, the more businesses will suffer. You must use a marketing strategy so that your business can survive. The existence of restrictions on leaving the house and quarantine for each of them makes customers even more alienated. Yet some businesses are improving, while others are struggling with just a sale or two. This means, you as a businessman have to rethink what efforts will be made to keep the business running. Here are seven product marketing strategies that can be implemented during a pandemic

Use the Right Topic

Coronavirus is big news. It’s natural for everyone to talk about it. Even customers are starting to find out for themselves what Corona Virus is and buy products according to their needs for the next few weeks to protect themselves from the transmission. This presents opportunities for several business sectors such as healthcare, medical products, food and beverage, and other necessities.

Improve Online Applications and Content

If your business has an application, you can maximize the features of your application. The features that are maximized can be in the form of old features or new features according to customer needs. You can also enter content that you have created by searching for previous topics and keywords into the application. But the content that you create must remain relevant, for example, when you are running in a health or fitness business, you can create a special feature for reporting symptoms of the Covid-19 Virus or you can create content about simple sports and making healthy foods to help customers fight the Corona Virus.

Ensure Product Safety

You need to pay more attention to any promotions or sales that you offer. Avoid all negative impressions that can damage your business brand. You can also provide videos to customers on how product safety and assurance have been carried out. This will help them increasingly believe that you are indeed minimizing all risks of transmitting the Covid-19 Virus.

Communicating with Customers Through the Media

If your current business has a high demand for a particular product but it is difficult for your business to get stock due to temporary production closures, logistical delays, or other issues. You can inform the customer about this. Provide information about the estimated delivery time, give reasons why the product arrived slower than usual and tell them any problems you are having so they can be certain.

Target Loyal Customers

Instead of trying to get new customers, the better business is increasingly focused on the customers who have transacted with your business. Your loyal customers must have believed in the products you produce and they will continue to be loyal even if there are a few obstacles. Stocks that run out quickly and late delivery will be better understood by old customers in waiting for your SME products.

Create Relevant Marketing Materials

With the Corona Virus crisis in mind, including keywords and visuals that are relevant to the current situation in your marketing campaign can attract attention. Also, create marketing materials with useful messages so that customers feel hooked and buy your product.…

Digital Marketing Strategy Concepts

At present, the market growth in cyberspace is getting bigger and directing any business entity to not underestimate this phenomenon. The internet has caused the marketing paradigm to shift from mass marketing to target marketing and from customer satisfaction to customer relations. It is only natural that online digital marketing becomes a reference in developing business strategies to promote and market products if they do not want to be consumed by the world market.

Digital marketing is believed to be the most effective method for product promotion on the internet. Many strategies that can be implemented such as E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, local internet marketing, and even though the illegal way. It’s all just for the sake of money and to make ends meet. We must be able to choose the best way to earn income if involved in digital marketing.

When someone decides to start a business immediately, he usually starts small. At this stage, a businessman earns little income, because it is still required to try as hard as possible. Various trials come and go and drain the mind. Not infrequently they stop in the middle of the road because they do not have a serious commitment. If we have started a business, there are several concepts that must be considered.

Following Trends

Technology updates will continue at any time. The hot trend information discussed will help our business compete in the market. We can start concrete steps from small things like constantly updating news about a product that consumers want.

Answering Needs

Consumers will feel comfortable with the business offered if it satisfies their needs. Avoid offering products that tend to be the same as other manufacturers. Thus, buyers will have a compelling reason to continue to choose our business.

Have a Target

It is necessary to set several long-term targets to maintain a stable business existence. A target will help us work more optimally so that goals can be achieved.

Loving Change

The market will consider business deals more if it has a lot of good changes. Whether it’s changes made to products, promotions, and transactions.

Move Fast

To start a business on the internet, a person is required to move quickly. Because there are so many rivals, and they will move faster outside our minds.

This concept is expected to provide an overview of the steps to start a business on the internet. Actually the five points above are still very simple, but many of us sometimes forget the little things.

The five concepts are deliberately made according to Optify to arouse the spirit of searching for the implied meaning in them. Whether it’s in the form of steps, strategies, and even ways that must be used in the world of online marketing. Such as reasons for choosing digital marketing, how to run it, several related systems, etc. Thus understanding of digital marketing is getting better.…

The Right Type of Digital Marketing Strategy

The work of developing a digital marketing strategy does seem to be easy for anyone to do. This is due to the basic ways of digital marketing at this time are well known in the community who are the target of direct marketing. It is also possible that in general, some people have succeeded in becoming consumers obtained through digital marketing. You can also be one of them and also want to try to use digital marketing for the business that you are developing.

As explained earlier, digital marketing is a term used for efforts to market business products digitally. Surely digitally referring to the latest ways that use many types of technology and online. You may already know in general about the various strategies for digital marketing. But it’s not enough just that, you also have to learn specifically every strategy you get. In the section below, we will explain at least 9 types of digital marketing strategies, hopefully, they will be useful!

Hold a Giveaway

The first strategy for marketing your business products online is to hold a giveaway. Giveaway is a special event that many online stores do to increase the number of followers and make followers aware of the existence of the products they sell. You also have to try to do this giveaway, but be sure to give a giveaway with conditions that make followers interested in the products you sell, ok!

Create Video Marketing Content

Most content from marketing done digitally is in the form of photos or reviews (writing). Whereas in addition to these various things, there are still other marketing content in the form of videos that might be easier to explain the product specifically. You can try using marketing methods with this video content. Although it requires a more complicated process to prepare it, the results will not be disappointing.

Focus on Making Optimum SEO

Perhaps the most overlooked digital marketing strategy is optimum SEO. Most still do not recognize that SEO has a very important role to increase digital traffic. Therefore, your business must not follow the wrong strategy. You still have to make sure SEO is optimum if needed, use experienced personnel to optimize your business SEO.

Use the Benefits of Public Relations

Do not forget to also use the public relations department to provide the best service in digital marketing. Because digital marketing interacts with prospective customers indirectly, it does not mean that public relations can act improperly. Whatever questions must be answered responsively, so too if there are complaints and praise. Interaction with consumers or potential customers will greatly affect the sustainability of your business.

Use Marketing Through E-mail

If you have a list of e-mail buyers in your store before, it is important to use e-mail as a marketing tool. Send the latest product catalog and market products that are of interest to consumers based on their shopping history. Of course, this method is very effective to make loyal buyers and re-buy business products that you sell.

Do Collaboration

One more type of strategy to do digital marketing that is effective but not much done. This method is done by collaborating between brands. Together your business and other collaborating brands can target loyal customers from both existing brands. The results will not be disappointing considering followers who previously only followed one brand can change to follow both.

Take advantage of Social Media as a Marketing Place

Don’t forget to also create your business social media account. All digital marketing methods and strategies that you can do must use social media as a tool. So make sure to create an attractive business account and in accordance with the target customers, you are aiming for. For example in terms of how to sell t-shirts online, then make sure to create a social media account on Instagram so that you can easily upload photos of T-shirt products sold.

Make the Best Ad as Possible

Digital advertising can be sure to be far more effective than other types of advertising. Especially if you use advertisements using social media. Your business product advertisement can even be sent directly to the target consumers as you wish. So be sure to make the best use of digital advertising so you can feel the benefits.

Hopefully, the digital marketing above is useful. Good luck!…

Benefits of Content Marketing to Improve your Business

The term content marketing lately is often discussed in digital marketing. Many see content marketing to be one of the best marketing models today comparing conventional marketing. Then what is so special that it can be called the best marketing strategy today?

Before you agree on what content marketing is. Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies in digital marketing where you as the owner determine, create and distribute to potential consumers that contain content that is useful, interesting, relevant, relevant and can attract consumer interest and take actions that generate business profits.

Based on the resolution of marketing content above, the key provided is content that has value for potential customers. Currently, there are many digital marketing practitioners who have implemented a good and true content marketing strategy.

There are many benefits you need to ask about content marketing strategies for business, please look at this agreement:

Bring Traffic to the Website

By applying the right content marketing, the website that you have will get more traffic. Try to present content that has been done according to the research needs of website visitors. Apart from that you also have to explain the SEO techniques of the website really in order to get ranked on the first page of Google.

Increase Brand Awareness

If you are ready to promote content on a website on a regular basis, website visitors will get to know your business better and will create strong brand awareness. Coupled with quality content that will make visitors satisfied and appreciate others.

Increase Engagement

With quality content, site visitors will linger on the website so that the bounce rate drops. In addition, visitors will share the content that you have so as to make your website involvement increases, the effect of website ranking on search engines is also raised.

Increase Sales Turnover

With the large number of visitors coming to the website the potential for products to sell is getting bigger, it can be certain that your business sales turnover will increase. In addition to the content marketing strategy that you have run properly and correctly, turnover increases many times more difficult.

Build Loyalty

Interesting content will bring visitors back to your website, not to close having to make repeated product purchases because they already trust the brand of products you have.

More Affordable Cost

Costs incurred for content marketing have proven to be cheaper than conventional marketing. In addition, in terms of time, marketing has a limited and more limited time while marketing content is longer and without limits. If totaled with the same costs will be more profitable content marketing techniques for conventional businesses.…

Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Business newly established alias open eyes confuse you on how to develop and raise it. The reason is not easy to be able to make a famous business or product known to others. There is a way that is usually done by entrepreneurs that are using marketing to be able to get customers and make famous and popular products. However, it is hard to spend even more money, so it is necessary to use the following lightweight marketing tricks.

1) Using Social Media

The first is utilizing social media. What is needed for social media? Of course a smartphone. But now anyone who has a smartphone, surely everyone can have internet credit capital, indeed everyone must have a smartphone. There is no more reason not to be able to use social media to promote your product or business results.

2) receive the Tester

If it is opened in the culinary field, the tester will become one of the classic marketing methods. In fact, this has succeeded in bringing many business products for food to become well-known and also popular products from a small business. For example, from kebab efforts that provide what the tester looks like, the longer they succeed in repairing their wings into branches again. then spend just a little capital for the tester, not much but the marketing is certain.

3) Make a Podcast

Making a podcast is the most widely performed event to be able to promote marketing or support a product that is owned. People are now wondering how to put out a product like that, what kind of company or its founder, and some other questions. Podcasts are a way to introduce a product, by explaining what your business is like, how the process is, its philosophy, etc. make more people argue than trying to multiply the product at a low price. You really have to be demanded creative to be able to attract customers today.

4) Information to Customers

Give weekly or daily info like an “explosion” turned out to be very useful for customers and regular customers for your product. Where they don’t need to check and look for what’s new in your business, they already know through various info like a blast email or maybe a short message. In this time several small businesses and also have an online system that has provided this and provide customers to know what items have been upgraded. Just like social media that also discusses the approval of the notification or approve for the latest products from your business.

5) Become a Sponsor

Furthermore, to be able to buy products without having to spend a lot of money, by sponsoring an organization or sponsoring an activity. They will surely repeat and say again and again about who is sponsoring them and helping with their activities or organizations. Well, that’s where your product will be known and attract the attention of many people. So there is no need to bother using marketing tricks, customers and the public who already know the product of the results of your efforts.

6) Give Free Souvenirs

You never take a walk with your sister or child, then they say they want a gift or souvenir given by the business. Very many who do that right? Learning from existing phenomena, you can also use free gifts or souvenirs to be shared and attract the attention of the public. That way they will look at the products offered and also be useful for further business offers. Who does not want free?

In fact, we started looking for products that didn’t need to put large banners on downtown red lights or use advertisements on television. There are many other simple ways that can make you understand how to market and popularize your products to the public, and succeed in attracting their attention instead of using products from your business and being loyal to customers. It will require a fairly long process, but there is no harm in trying or not needing to help further development…

Digital Marketing Strategies in Business

Digital marketing is now a way to maximize offline marketing. Not a few who support businesses in any field that helps use influencers as a way to market their products or services. Then how does the influence of influencers on digital marketing do?

Influencers who agree here are individuals who have a large number of followers or followers, can gather up to millions. Well, these digital marketers use a lot of followers to influence viewers who are interested in their products or services. As an advantage of utilizing influencers in digital marketing are as follows:

1. Digital Marketing Supports Increased Sales

The main purpose of digital marketing is to increase sales. Therefore the use of digital marketing is very useful in increasing sales because digital access can support all regions connected to the internet.

2. Digital Marketing is More Cost-Effective

The benefits of digital marketing that are most noticed by brands can be done cheaply and are very economical. By promoting through digital marketing you can save enormous costs compared to conventional marketing.

3. Target Market Becomes Easier

Digital technology is very helpful in implementing marketing programs. One of the advantages of digital marketing is being able to project customers more clearly and make customers a target that can be monitored and evaluated at any time. All customer activities related to the brand can also be used on the monitor.

Furthermore, digital marketing technology can now find prospective customers directly according to customers drawn from the habit on the internet. With this in mind, digital technology directly collects customer data from types, genders, habits, related brands, and even brands that can be clearly identified. With technology like this, making conversations and finding customers easier than conventional.

4. Easier Communication With Consumers

Digital marketing is carried out with a variety of media that is directly connected with customers. We should not know each other yet, with digital technology needed to communicate with customers with digital marketing techniques. This makes digital marketing very attractive to customers.

5. Digital Marketing Makes It Easy to Compete with Competitors

By using digital marketing technology that is growing nowadays it can compete with competitors and win the competition. With better digital marketing technology, it also offers small brands capable of competing with big brands with certain techniques.

Before digital marketing developed, it was very difficult for new players to compete with big players. Do not compete, to market the product alone requires a large amount of time and costs, and certainly, it is very difficult to compete with players who have already gathered the market. But with digital marketing, all that is refuted and all new players can master their respective target markets.…

Marketing Strategies for Small Companies

The marketing strategy is an important component in marketing products to all small, medium and large businesses. In this opportunity, we will not discuss marketing strategies for small and large businesses. What we will discuss is a marketing strategy for medium-sized companies.

Middle-class companies that are developing, of course, will have a struggle for resources, finance, and transportation in infrastructure. With these conditions, it is very important for companies to be able to get more to buy compared to excessive marketing costs. This requires an effective strategy to be able to reap greater benefits. Here are some effective marketing strategies to increase the growth of middle-class companies.

1. Customer Marketing Experience

Customer experience is one marketing that can be applied by companies to be able to attract more with lower marketing costs. Customer experience will be the company’s stewards to market the products offered. For example, a customer who has paid with you for a year and is satisfied with the product that you are selling will immediately share your business experience.

From the small talk, your customers make to these friends, they don’t close the conversation, their partners will come for you. In addition, your existing customers will certainly continue to increase the amount of spending.

2. Data-based marketing

In the digital era like today, marketing products no longer need to do giant marketing techniques that will waste a lot of money. You can now market the products you need according to the data your target customers need. In digital marketing, business people can not only look at data in more detail but can also vary to increase ROI and maximize marketing. Marketing for successful middle-class companies can take their views on marketing based on data and understand the concepts of branding, creativity and data analysis.

3. Technology-based marketing

Is data-based marketing different from technology-based marketing? Yes, very different. Although some of them are part of digital marketing, they have different techniques. One example of technology-based marketing such as marketing through social media or through TV.…