Difference Sales and Marketing

What is the difference between sales and marketing? Our sales and marketing the same thing? For some people who have not participated in these two fields, it might be considered the same. Seeing the community sees sales and marketing the same, selling products. Sales and marketing are indeed part of the company’s strategy to achieve the target. However, the focus of activities between sales and marketing is a different matter. To be more important the following are the differences between sales and marketing:

Understanding Sales and Marketing

To make it easier to understand, the first point discussed is about understanding. Sales are determined as part of the company that sells, ensuring that products are seen or not seen at prices that are in accordance with the initial plan that has been set but also with the agreement of consumers. While marketing is the whole system of business activities such as product approved, price determined, product approved and discussed goods with the aim of satisfying consumers. In short, this sale is a sale and marketing is a strategy to increase sales.

Work Process

Next, you will determine sales and marketing in terms of the collection process. Referring to the notion of sales which are sales, the sales work process is directly to discuss consumers. However, aside from being direct, sales or sales can also be done through media, such as telephone, social media or whatever. Basically this sales activity is a direct activity or direct interaction, as long as both parties are not a problem.

In order for the sales team to do its job properly, a marketing team is needed to conduct a market analysis or ask for the needs and needs of consumers. This marketing is considered a sales activity behind. Those who discuss how to promote, discuss the market, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of products, and so on. In other words, the difference between sales and marketing is marketing that is prepared with concepts, tools, strategies to make consumers interested and sales that are ready to serve consumers so that products sell well.

Priority & Function

In work priorities, differences in sales and marketing can be seen from the target activity. Marketing priority is to get consumers, encourage consumers and build good relationships so that they are loyal. If your customers or customers are many, the company’s revenue will also increase. The function of sales is to serve consumers and help them get the product they are looking for. From priorities and functions, it can be concluded that sales and marketing are two interrelated and synergistic activities.

Work Scope

Sales and marketing can also be distinguished from the space side. Sales or short-term sales. Yes, just see if you make a sale and purchase transaction, only limited to that right? After the transaction process is complete, the sales team no longer needs to be responsible with consumers. While marketing long term (long term). This seller must be related to the seller. Carried out after marketing activities, the team is still responsible for the relationship so that customer loyalty is not lost. In fact, the marketing team must be done with consumers since before the transaction occurs. Like the division of marketing work such as customer satisfaction, market research, and public relations.

The purpose of Marketing and Completion

Next difference. In marketing or marketing, the team is obliged to promote the brand image of the product or company. Request the decision of consumers to buy products because they know the quality or brand of the product. Meanwhile, in the field of sales or sales, brands need important things. Sales objectives are the company’s products sold and specified sales targets are met.

That’s the difference between sales and marketing. The company will not succeed if it only relies on sales because sales will not be created without good marketing. Therefore, in order for the company to continue to develop, it requires proper planning and management, both related to production, marketing, sales, finance and so on.…

What is Marketing

Marketing is very vital in a business activity. Without the marketing department, a company will not get customers, which means no money coming in. Therefore, marketing and business are a unity that actually cannot be separated.

In this article, we will briefly review what marketing is starting from the definition, the task of a marketing department, to ways of doing marketing itself. Check out his review of marketing through the explanation below

With the increasingly shifting and dynamic marketing models and methods today, a company’s marketing division is also practically more adaptive to change. In general, there are at least 4 important parts that are the responsibility of a marketing division in a company today.

Social Media Manager

Social networking as a place for our prospective customers to gather should be a special concern for all marketers. Your business does not have to be active on all platforms but just focus on one channel whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or the other. Full Review: How Businesses Present on Social Media

Content Specialist

It’s no longer the time for you to promote by talking about your product/service only. Understand who your target market is, learn what problems they have, and make your business presence as a solution to their problems. More about what content specialist tasks and functions will be discussed in more detail in the next article about inbound marketing.

Automation Specialist

The task of the automation specialist is more focused on marketing tools that can be run automatically or semi-automatically. One tool that is widely used is the online advertisement, aka online advertising. Why online advertising can be called automation? Because in delivering an ad on the internet, service providers will use a special algorithm so that our ads can reach a specific target market that we are aiming for based on interests, hobbies, to the needs of our target market.

Analyst Marketing

This last task is somewhat different from the other three divisions. A marketing analyst is not required to make promotional content, but a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing performance from the three fields above. A marketing analyst must be able to formulate ways to optimize each marketing method whether through social media, blogs, or advertisements. Optimizations that are carried out are very diverse, starting from the design side, word selection, behavior from the market, and others.

Okay, that’s the basics of digital marketing that we have adapted to the latest trends. If you have an opinion or question, you can submit it through the comments column. Greetings to continue to work and innovate!…