How to Use Google Trends

How to use Google Trends varies depending on what it’s used for. The reason is, the benefits of this Google Trends service are many. It can be used for keyword research, seeing things that are trending, and so on. Of course this will be very useful for the development of the SEO process in doing digital marketing via the website. The goal of website owners is to have a lot of visitors, especially if it is related to AdSense.

However, getting visitors is not easy. Especially seeing the number of competitors who also have the same expectations as you. even a lot of content does not mean making the number of visitors can go up. It could be because you are wrong in determining the trending topic. So that visitors are reluctant to click on your website content. Then how?

One of the tools that will help make it easier for people to visit your website is Google Trends. The following will discuss some things related to Google Trends. Determine what topics are relevant to your business or website. After that, make recommendations for keyword searches using Google Trends. Well, here are some things that users can do with Google Trends and how.

To Open Google Trends Using Google Account

Use a Google account then you can open the Google Trends service. You do this by writing Google Trends in the search engine. Later at the bottom the user will find a display related to an example of a keyword search map. Underneath again there is a section to see keywords that are experiencing an increase stage. From that page, users can filter by selecting country, time, category, and so on.

Usage As Keyword Research Using Google Trends

It is necessary to know the various functions of Google Trends so that it is easier to operate. Its main function is as a tool for conducting keyword research.

You can find various keywords that are appropriate and relevant to what you are looking for. Write the topic in the Enter a Search Term or a Topic or Add a Search Term column.

Comparing Keywords Through Google Trends

It’s easy to use Google Trends to do keyword searches. So, after that, what steps can users do again with this tool? Namely by comparing the potential keywords that users find. Do these keywords have better potential than others? Google Trends will compare your keyword with 5 other keywords through the comparison feature.

Using Effective Search Options

The use of Google Trends is not only for analyzing user search results on search engines. but also on YouTube. Using the same page users can do a search for YouTube trending. If the user clicks on Youtube, Google Trends will automatically change the graphic display for YouTube. Even though the keywords are the same, Google and YouTube searches are different.

Making Trend Predictions

The next way to use Google Trends is as a tool to predict trends. Later Google Trends will provide fairly complete information. So that by finding out through Google Trends, users can get the right content topic. Later can make it as attractive as possible so that many fans.

How to Find Additional Insights on the Top Chart

Unlike trends, Top Chart is a feature that people use to view topics from various categories. For example, the most popular animal today is fish. Apart from that, there are also other popular things that users can find.

Use for Positioning Products

At this point the user can see the cycles that might occur. For example, when someone will search for keywords. For example, keywords related to Eid parcels, so most of their searches are done before Eid.…