Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

As a business owner, both corporate, online business and home business, would want success. Success in business will certainly not be separated from marketing activities. Various theories about marketing and tips for success in running it become a reference for business owners to carry out marketing activities. Often we also read various tips for marketing online and corporate businesses, but we rarely find ways to market or specifically tips for marketing activities for home-based businesses.

On this occasion, will share marketing tips for those of you who have a home business. Here are the ten tips:

 Website for Your Business

Even though your business is a home-based business, running online marketing activities will also have an influence on your offline sales. You can start marketing activities offline by creating a simple website. Through the Website that you have, you can introduce what business you are running, what products or services you offer to your target market and also how to contact you. Make sure all the information on the website pages is accurate, do not forget the good website design so that the marketing strategy that is implemented will take place properly.

Local Search

For home business owners, address and access to business locations are important. By listing your business location on various sites such as Google Site and Yahoo Local, your home-based business can be identified and accessed more easily by prospective customers.

Social Media

Currently, social media is one of the communication media that is being loved by the public. Social media such as FB and Twitter have not only been used to communicate between relatives and relatives, social media has also been used as a marketing or promotion media for various brands and products. By using social media, you have the opportunity to introduce and bring your home business closer to your target market.


Blogs are sites where you can update the latest content about the business that you are running through writing, images, videos, or links. You can create a blog through WordPress and also Blogger. In addition, you can also contact popular blog owners to promote your business through their blog posts.


Get public attention by contacting media such as magazines and television stations to publicize your home-based business. The more famous the product or service you offer, the greater the possibility of increasing sales figures.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is one of the marketing activities that can be offered to loyal customers of a home business that you are running. Every time your customer brings you a new customer, give him a reward in the form of a discount coupon, free product or various other types of rewards.

Make sure whatever home-based business activities you do are going well, why is it like that? Every good thing that can satisfy customers, it will create new possibilities, namely referrals to use the services you offer or try your products provided by satisfied customers to the next prospective customer. The more referrals that appear, the stronger word of mouth marketing your home business.

Public Speaking


If you really understand the issues regarding the field of products or services you offer, don’t hesitate to offer yourself as a speaker at seminars around that field. Through the event you can introduce your products or services so that the home-based business that you are running becomes better known to the public.…

Important Points in Social Media Marketing

Running a marketing effort through social media is the most effective step for business owners today. How not, social media offers a broad market reach and the assistance of sophisticated facilities to analyze the market. It provides many advantages over having to market the offline way.

Not a few business owners who feel frustrated because they have failed in marketing the business through social media. For this reason, we need to understand some important points in running social media marketing.

 Focus on the Target Market

Rather than trying to master a broad target market or have many social media accounts at one time. It would be better if we focus on pursuing a specific target market. Having how many social media accounts does not hurt at all. But the optimization carried out remains focused and prioritizes focus.

Offering Quality

Just like the previous point, quality is more needed than quantity when talking about marketing through social media. It would be better if we have a few followers who really want to read and communicate actively through social media, rather than having many followers but disappearing after first connecting to our account.


That running a business effort through any channel certainly requires a process. Likewise, social media marketing cannot be carried out only in a short time. It takes a process that is sometimes long enough to finally be able to build a solid consumer community through social media.

Having a Process

Still related to point number 3, when we succeed in providing quality content that is truly beneficial to online consumers, then slowly we can generate loyalty where those consumers do not mind sharing the content that we have.


In social media marketing efforts, we recognize influencers. Influencers are social media account holders who have a big influence on many of their followers. Influencers can be in various fields or focus more on certain fields.…

Online Business Marketing Strategy

The existence of the internet, undeniably, has changed most of our everyday way of life. If previously we more often shop directly to the store, now there is an online shop that is available at any time as a place to shop online. For business people, practicing a good online business marketing strategy is certainly a must-do after seeing the current buying trends online.

In marketing products offline and online, marketing strategy is still an important thing. With the right strategy, sales of products and services will be maximized. To maximize online marketing, here are some strategies that can be applied in online business.

Create an Online Shop Site On The First Page Of Search

There will be a lot of benefits gained if you can create an online shop site which can be ranked first in the search engine. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, this certainly can improve the image of the business being undertaken.

For this one business, you can hire SEO services or search engine optimization that can help to increase the ranking of online store sites. At present, there are quite a lot that provide these services. All that is needed is to look for those who are experienced, can be trusted and provide tangible results.

Maximize Networks and Relationships

In business, having a wide network is very important. By building a good network, you can market goods or services that are in a wide range. And the opportunity to get consumers or clients who are interested in the goods or services is even more and more.

To build a good network, try to start from the narrowest and then to the broadest. Not only that, online entrepreneurs must be able to build these connections starting from the beginning of online marketing.

Add Interesting Marketing Content

Not merely selling goods or services that are owned, you also have to provide interesting content to make visitors interested in coming to your online shop. This marketing media can be in the form of articles, videos or images in accordance with the business being undertaken.

For example, if you sell beauty products, then you can make videos about makeup tutorials or tips on using beauty products every day. This is very effective for capturing new customers and maintaining loyal customers so they don’t get bored visiting our online store.

Maximize the Use Of Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing in a business is like a snowball effect. The snowball that was originally not much will get bigger as it rolls further and further away. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique to start small businesses consistently in order to get maximum results.

Although small, the business that we do can be big as long as we are diligent in running the business. A marketing plan with this pattern means that you make small things for a long-term goal. So, the online business marketing strategy that is carried out must be integrated with one another and lead to the goal or end goal of the business.

Join the Marketplace

To make customers not afraid to shop online, joining an e-commerce or marketplace can be the right way. Here because payments will be safer because of a third party responsible.

By joining the marketplace or e-commerce, you also have the opportunity to meet new customers who are looking for products that match the product descriptions they have. This can also improve the image of your products in the community.

Have a Target as the Initial Platform

In business, marketing targets become one of the important things to consider. Try to always map the target market for a certain time. This online business marketing strategy is carried out because not everyone wants or needs the product being sold.…

The Right Marketing Techniques for Millennial Customers

You know, if our generation, the millennials, spend more money than the previous generation. In fact, research has consistently shown that Millennials prefer to enjoy the offline shopping experience. Some of them like businesses that provide a lot of experience ranging from seeing goods, trying, ordering to giving a review. Being a challenge for business people who want to get the attention of millennials.
The easier generation is more interested and focused on experience than product. Most of them are not interested in traditional advertising. Even when they search for products online, they will skip advertisements, filter advertisements on television and turn their attention to their smartphones, or choose to watch their favorite shows on social media. Yes, here are some challenges that could become marketing techniques to attract and win the hearts of millennial customers.

Segment Target Markets with Psychographic Techniques

Psychography targets the audience by examining the values, attitudes and motivations of the community. For example, when Generation Z has different desires from those of their parents’ generation. Although sometimes their needs are the same.

Dividing everyone in simple demographics isn’t enough. Awareness of psychographic differences enables better targeting. One group can receive messages that are tailored to their thoughts and language style. This will certainly help businesses deliver product messages more easily.

 A Marketing Campaign by Giving Customers Something

There are things better than just asking people to do something for us. Asking them to provide data for us even asking them to give money for our products. They tend to look for businesses that give more than they ask for.

For example, when we need data on website visitors who come to visit our online store. Providing subscribe forms is possible. But what can make visitors want to give it to us? Of course, we need something to give to them. For example, e-books or discount vouchers. They will be easier to provide data than just us who ask.

Use Quizzes, Competitions, And Competitions To Attract People

Social media provides space for business people who want customers from the millennial generation. Various businesses have tried it. They make quizzes, competitions or prizes that can be adjusted to the moment at that time.

The quiz given does not have to be big, has a long-time period and has millions of rupiah in prizes. Just give a simple quiz, and make them want to interact on our social media. It has been able to provide space for them to be loyal to us.

Give A Free Product or Offer A Trial

In addition to providing discount vouchers, to attract attention they can also be given a free product or offer a trial of our products. Invite them to try the product we will launch first. Give them a chance to argue, give advice for our products.

That way, they will feel that they have been involved in many important things in our business. Not just offering them the products we have. But it involves every product development that will be issued.

Use Photo or Video Content

In addition, using photos or videos as content marketing is quite an effective way. Now many platforms that provide convenience for business people to create content that is, in fact, closer to the customer.

Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many more make it easy for business people to create and sell their visual content. Of course to provide more experience for their customers who are still millennial generation.

Well, that’s at least some things that really should be taken into consideration for business people. Besides looking for the right partner to run an online business…

How Simple Marketing Your Small Business

Many strategies we can do. Creativity is very necessary. If you feel you have no knowledge, don’t be shy to ask questions and study here and there. In the following, we will discuss the basic principles and strategies for marketing your small open business

Clarify market Segmentation

Get to know your product well, then choose the desired market segmentation. Defining this market segment has many ways, and depends on the product as well. By clarifying the market segments that will be targeted, we will more easily determine the pricing strategy, how to advertise, the language of advertising, and to whom we must work together.

Effective and Measurable Promotion

If you have clearly set your target market, it will be easier for us to plan the promotion model and marketing planning strategy that we do. Choose some of the various promotional models available. Then plan the period, the amount of the budget that will be issued, what media will be used. then record the results completely

 Make a Product Package

Making product packages makes potential customers have more choices. It is also able to ‘force’ consumers to buy products in large quantities. This product package aims for consumers to buy more than one product


Frequently do promos by giving gifts, promotional packages or any form of incentive for your consumers. For example, there is a special discount or special gift if the consumer makes a repeat purchase or a certain amount.

Perform Variations and Product Development

Take the time to develop the product. We can develop this product by making product/service variants more varied. The important thing about this strategy is that we are sensitive to consumer needs. Variants of this product can be in terms of different sizes, different features, types of products, types and other variations.

Exchange vouchers with other entrepreneurs

Collaboration with other business owners needs to be done. It can be in the form of product bundling if your product can be put together in a package with a product or service that belongs to your neighbor.…

5 Home Business Marketing Strategies

The right home-based business marketing strategy is needed especially for business people who are just pursuing business. Considering a home-based business is the right choice for beginners who want to jump-start a business with small capital. Apart from being able to run a home business, home business can also leave the main task with the family. In addition, a home-based business can also be used as a livelihood to increase family income. Running a home business is basically the same as running a business in general. Starting from the planning process, the production process to the marketing strategy. One of the success in running a business is obtained from the right marketing strategy.

In marketing business is often an obstacle, even as good as any business idea if it is not matched by marketing strategies it will be eroded by competitors. In addition, if you do not have a good marketing strategy, sales will not run smoothly and will certainly be detrimental. So do not be surprised if the home business marketing strategy is the spearhead of success in doing a home business. Then what is the right home business marketing strategy?

Distributing brochures and pamphlets
Running a home business certainly has a marketing target that is often located in the area around the house or still in the same area. To that end, distributing several brochures is considered to be one of the right and effective marketing strategies. In addition to distributing brochures, home-based businesses can also put flyers in places that are easily seen by people and crowded with visitors. The more people who read brochures or pamphlets, the more automatically people will find out about the home-based business they are going through. In addition to brochures and pamphlets, businesses can also place banners at strategic locations that are easily known by people. So that it can increase customers who come to use or buy products offered.

Make use of online media

Doing business in the digital age is very closely related to the use of information technology, especially online media to support existing business processes. Utilizing online media as one of the home business marketing strategies is considered able to help increase effectiveness in marketing. Home-based businesses can use social media like intagram, facebook and others to reduce marketing costs that are more efficient. In addition, it can expand target consumers because of course online media users come from several regions and enable the process of disseminating information easily.

Expanding relations

Another home business marketing strategy can be to expand relationships. The point is that home-based business people must be able to expand relations as widely as possible so that the business they run is known by many people. If that has been done, more and more consumers will come and buy the products offered. Although marketing strategies by distributing brochures or pamphlets and utilizing online media can also broaden relations, still home-based businesses need to make efforts to expand relations. Home-based businesses can notify neighbors around the location of the business so that they can help promote or find partners to work together in running a business.

Following the exhibition
Attending events such as exhibitions or fairs is also part of one of the home business marketing strategies. Exhibition or bazaar events in general are often held in an area to commemorate certain events or even the exhibition is made specifically to accommodate home-based business people to promote their business. Through this event, the products offered can be widely recognized by various walks of life in the exhibition and can be even more widely spread.

Market to stores or mini markets
If starting a home business is still on a small scale, businesses can start from marketing to stores or mini markets. This system is often also carried out by other home-based businesses by collaborating with shop owners or mini markets. Of course a home business marketing strategy like this can help increase product sales. Moreover, if the product packaging includes ordering information that can be contacted, this will also emphasize higher product sales figures.

From various information related to home business marketing strategies above, it can help home-based business people who are currently developing and many people in Indonesia are trying to do home-based business. From the home business marketing strategy above, keep in mind that the products offered need to have attractive, safe and comfortable packaging to carry. This is an additional point in itself to increase revenue because packaging is so important and can affect…

Marketing Concepts You Need to Understand

The concept of marketing is basically important to be understood and known by all business people who want marketing activities to run smoothly and optimally. Marketing itself can be said as a combination of activities that are interconnected to be able to find out what is needed by consumers so that companies can develop products, prices, services and do promotions

With marketing, it will help consumers to determine the product needed based on certain factors such as quality, time of purchase, and place of purchase. In addition, consumers can be used as information to support appropriate marketing activities by business people. To do the right marketing, you as a candidate or already a business do you need to know the concept of marketing itself.

 Meet the Needs and Desires

In everyday life, it is important to be able to distinguish where it is the needs, desires, and requests. Human needs are something that does not have some of the most basic sense enough that if not met then it can be fatal, such as humans really need clothes, food, and shelter as well as other needs


In the concept of marketing, this product is an offer that can be divided into several categories, which include goods, services, and ideas or ideas. All products produced by producers become something that is offered to consumers to be able to meet their needs.

Value, Cost, and Satisfaction

The concept of marketing related to value, cost, and satisfaction basically depends on the individual side of each in this case related to consumers of products used to meet their needs. Which the needs of every consumer cannot be compared. In addition, each product also has different levels of fulfillment. So this depends on the consumer itself in assessing, and making considerations for the producers or business people in creating products that will be offered.

Exchange and Transactions

In marketing activities, there is usually an agreement or terms that have been agreed upon by the consumer and business people in exchanging both in the form of money for products or products for products. So when the exchange has been approved, it will carry out transactions such as purchase transactions.

 Relations and Networks

In the marketing concept, there is a relationship term which is a transaction to meet the needs of related parties such as consumers, suppliers, and suppliers. Which is the goal is to maintain the business in the long term. While the results of relationship marketing are to develop various kinds of assets owned by companies called network marketing.


In the marketing concept, there is a market consisting of buyers or consumers who have needs, and those needs are available and able to carry out exchange of values so that transactions can occur to meet their needs. Market size depends on the number of consumers who want to meet their needs and have the resources to be exchanged for what consumers need.

Sellers and Prospective Buyers

In the marketing concept, there are sellers and prospective buyers. Which of these sellers will look for prospective buyers who if they want to meet their needs so they can exchange values ​​or transactions. The prospective buyer himself is someone who will be identified by the seller and makes it possible to carry out transactions to meet his needs.

That is the explanation of the marketing concept that you need to know as a business person to be more able to maximize marketing activities in your business. May be useful.…