Tips for Marketing an Easier Home Business

Home-based business has become one of the choices that many business people do. Besides increasing personal income. From the planning process, production to marketing, a home-based business is certainly very different from business in general. Then how do you make this home business can produce something big? It certainly requires a good marketing strategy as well. Well, here are 5 tips for marketing your home business:

Word of Mouth

For the first step marketing a home business product is indeed not easy. Most business people who choose to do business at home, marketing it by word of mouth. Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors are the closest target markets to our business. Because of these close people, we can immediately get criticism or input for our business. This will also be useful for us in developing this home business.

Take Advantage of Social Media

In the current era of globalization, all activities have become very easy with the help of social media. Meeting someone, to the promotion or marketing process will be easy. Because with social media, our target market is broad enough. Anyone can know and get to know our products only through photos and product details that we write on social media. Lots of social media that can be used, in addition to the website, now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can also be your choice to market your home products.

Use Brochures to Help Promote

Social media has indeed become one of the most effective promotion options at this time, but this traditional way of promotion still shows its existence to help the process of promoting a product. Yes, brochures are one of the traditional promotion methods that are still used by some people.

Follow the Various Bazaars

A home-based business won’t flourish when you just sit quietly and don’t do anything. One example of an action you can take to introduce your product is often to attend an exhibition or bazaar. There you have the opportunity to show and display products processed by your home. Whether it’s in the form of food products or handicraft products. The event itself can not only help increase your sales but also capture many relationships for yourself and your own business.

Market to Stores

If it is deemed necessary and necessary, you can market your home products to existing stores. However, before you start to market to the store, try to understand how the character of buyers in the store, what they need and want, and how it will affect your business later.…

Strategies in Doing Social Media Marketing

Selling on social media is nothing new now. The average businessman has used social media for promotional activities, both for Branding purposes and for sales.

a lot of people who succeed in doing business through social media. Those who successfully run a business on the internet come from various ages. Even so many young people who have become successful entrepreneurs by selling on social media.

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the memory of consumers or potential customers about a product or company. This you can create by creating a logo that represents your business or product. You can use a number of parties who can assist you in making a logo such as a branding consultant or visual designer if you have some funds. Alternatively, you can use a website editor that is easy enough to use to create a logo. Website editors that can be used to create logos include Generators, GraphicSprings Logo Creators, and Logistics. Another social media marketing strategy is

Take advantage of existing features on Social Media

Social media has features that make it easy for users to interact with each other. These features can be used as a promotional tool for a product or a business. For example, Facebook has a place tag feature that can be chosen by the public when they want to post. This place tag feature can be an effective promotional tool for companies or businesses that are being run. For example, if someone tags a place in your place in their post, then your company can be seen by their social media friends.

Building Relationships on Social Media

In social media, relationships are very important. This can be obtained by replying to a number of messages or comments that come in and follow a number of accounts related to your business. This is needed to add material to your content or simplify the process of collaboration with certain parties when needed.

Determine Target Audience

Determine who your target audience is. Make the target audience the criteria according to your product. Based on the market segmentation you have set, you can then redefine what social media is right for your target audience, when is the right time to post & what content you should post on your social media


By evaluating, you can see and measure the extent of social media performance in your business. From the results of the evaluation, you can also improve something that is still far from your expectations and reflect on the content that has succeeded in getting quite a lot of feedback from the audience. In addition, you can also do repurposing-content if you evaluate your social media. Re-purposing content is repeated use of content from content that has succeeded in getting positive feedback from the audience. Content is not just posted just like that, but visualization of the content is used as a reference for subsequent posts in order to get the same feedback, even more.…

Important Concepts in Marketing Management

Every company has a different idea or concept regarding marketing management. One company might prefer the concept of marketing by producing goods on a large scale, assuming the cost of production can be reduced, the price of goods will be cheap, and goods will sell quickly. Other companies, however, may have different marketing concepts through improving the quality of goods produced. There are at least 5 marketing management concepts with all the advantages and disadvantages you should know.

Production Concept

Companies that adopt this concept, think that the goods and services produced must be cheap, so they can be made anytime and anywhere so that there are no sales problems. Indirectly, the company is trying marketing management through efforts to reduce production costs and strengthen distribution systems. In order to reduce production costs to a minimum level, companies will rely on large-scale goods production systems. This concept will work well if demand exceeds stock. However, customers do not always buy goods or services that are cheap and easy to obtain. There are times when they need quality goods at reasonable prices.

Product Concept

Companies that use this concept believe that the quality of goods and services produced by the company must be good so that it is easy to attract consumers. This marketing management concept might be acceptable to some consumers, but we must not forget, good quality certainly affects the price, while for some consumers, low prices are still the main goal for buying goods.

Sales Concept

Companies that use this concept think that customers should not be left alone. Companies must direct consumers with a sales technique that must be considered because the goods are not bought but the goods must be sold. In this marketing management concept, companies must think of sales efforts to influence consumers to buy their products. They believe that with a good sales system, they can sell whatever products they offer. This sometimes has a point even though it cannot be relied upon continuously. You might be able to win the hearts of your customers once at the first promotion, but with so many competitors, it could be that customers will switch products later on.

Marketing concept

The difference between sales and marketing is that sales emphasize more on the products sold, whereas marketing is more focused on the wants and needs of consumers. Companies that use marketing concepts assume that customer satisfaction is everything, so the goods or services produced must be according to their needs. In other words, companies like this don’t make what they can but make what consumers want. The concept of marketing management may seem modern and can last for quite a long time, but this concept can only be enjoyed by certain people who have more welfare.

General Marketing Concepts

This concept emphasizes not only customer satisfaction but also the benefits to others. For example, if a company produces cars that are low in fuel but cause pollution. This only makes consumers satisfied, but the community does not receive the benefits. Companies with a general marketing management concept, will not want to sell it.

From the 5 explanations of marketing management concepts above, there are many things you can get to learn. Each concept has advantages and disadvantages. After you determine the concept you want to use, you also need to start thinking about making financial statements. With corporate financial reports, you can manage business finances more easily until you can make the right business decisions.

Journals are online accounting software that can help you manage business finances by making it easy to create financial reports instantly. Not only that, with the Journal, you can also monitor your company’s financial condition wherever and whenever. Register your business immediately now!…

Get to know Digital Marketing Jobs

Lately, of course, we are already familiar with the term digital marketing, aren’t we? One of them through our gadget. For millennials, of course, the type of digital marketing job becomes a catchy thing. Indeed, thanks to rapidly developing technology, digital, marketing has now become a much sought after profession. Actually, what is digital marketing work? and why at least you have to know and it doesn’t even hurt to learn it.

Digital Marketing work, in general, has a variety of complex processes and techniques. Not surprisingly, if this job has a high value so much sought after. Broadly speaking, digital marketing must be responsible for everything related to marketing and branding their products digitally. Such as Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

Digital marketing manager is the person who is responsible for everything related to marketing and branding that is done online. What is the scope of the ‘online’ done by this digital marketing manager? Starting from social media, blogs or content marketing, eBooks, applications, videos, and mobile marketing (SMS / MMS). Anyway, everything related to the internet, then that includes the duties of a digital marketing manager.

Not all companies know and use this one service. Although globally and holding companies should be part of the organizational structure. Broadly speaking, the person who handles digital marketing work can indeed be called a Digital marketing manager. However, there are several tasks that we will often encounter, among others.

Digital Strategist

a person whose job is to think and conceptualize the idea of ​​a marketing campaign in the digital realm as a whole.

Social Media Strategist

A person in charge of conceptualizing and designing the distribution of marketing campaign content on social media.

Social Media Specialist

is a person in charge of maintaining and enhancing the engagement of fans and product customers through the delivery of content on social media.

SEO Specialist

A person whose job is to optimize and improve the ranking of a business website or product in search engines…

Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

As a business owner, both corporate, online business and home business, would want success. Success in business will certainly not be separated from marketing activities. Various theories about marketing and tips for success in running it become a reference for business owners to carry out marketing activities. Often we also read various tips for marketing online and corporate businesses, but we rarely find ways to market or specifically tips for marketing activities for home-based businesses.

On this occasion, will share marketing tips for those of you who have a home business. Here are the ten tips:

 Website for Your Business

Even though your business is a home-based business, running online marketing activities will also have an influence on your offline sales. You can start marketing activities offline by creating a simple website. Through the Website that you have, you can introduce what business you are running, what products or services you offer to your target market and also how to contact you. Make sure all the information on the website pages is accurate, do not forget the good website design so that the marketing strategy that is implemented will take place properly.

Local Search

For home business owners, address and access to business locations are important. By listing your business location on various sites such as Google Site and Yahoo Local, your home-based business can be identified and accessed more easily by prospective customers.

Social Media

Currently, social media is one of the communication media that is being loved by the public. Social media such as FB and Twitter have not only been used to communicate between relatives and relatives, social media has also been used as a marketing or promotion media for various brands and products. By using social media, you have the opportunity to introduce and bring your home business closer to your target market.


Blogs are sites where you can update the latest content about the business that you are running through writing, images, videos, or links. You can create a blog through WordPress and also Blogger. In addition, you can also contact popular blog owners to promote your business through their blog posts.


Get public attention by contacting media such as magazines and television stations to publicize your home-based business. The more famous the product or service you offer, the greater the possibility of increasing sales figures.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is one of the marketing activities that can be offered to loyal customers of a home business that you are running. Every time your customer brings you a new customer, give him a reward in the form of a discount coupon, free product or various other types of rewards.

Make sure whatever home-based business activities you do are going well, why is it like that? Every good thing that can satisfy customers, it will create new possibilities, namely referrals to use the services you offer or try your products provided by satisfied customers to the next prospective customer. The more referrals that appear, the stronger word of mouth marketing your home business.

Public Speaking


If you really understand the issues regarding the field of products or services you offer, don’t hesitate to offer yourself as a speaker at seminars around that field. Through the event you can introduce your products or services so that the home-based business that you are running becomes better known to the public.…

Important Points in Social Media Marketing

Running a marketing effort through social media is the most effective step for business owners today. How not, social media offers a broad market reach and the assistance of sophisticated facilities to analyze the market. It provides many advantages over having to market the offline way.

Not a few business owners who feel frustrated because they have failed in marketing the business through social media. For this reason, we need to understand some important points in running social media marketing.

 Focus on the Target Market

Rather than trying to master a broad target market or have many social media accounts at one time. It would be better if we focus on pursuing a specific target market. Having how many social media accounts does not hurt at all. But the optimization carried out remains focused and prioritizes focus.

Offering Quality

Just like the previous point, quality is more needed than quantity when talking about marketing through social media. It would be better if we have a few followers who really want to read and communicate actively through social media, rather than having many followers but disappearing after first connecting to our account.


That running a business effort through any channel certainly requires a process. Likewise, social media marketing cannot be carried out only in a short time. It takes a process that is sometimes long enough to finally be able to build a solid consumer community through social media.

Having a Process

Still related to point number 3, when we succeed in providing quality content that is truly beneficial to online consumers, then slowly we can generate loyalty where those consumers do not mind sharing the content that we have.


In social media marketing efforts, we recognize influencers. Influencers are social media account holders who have a big influence on many of their followers. Influencers can be in various fields or focus more on certain fields.…

Online Business Marketing Strategy

The existence of the internet, undeniably, has changed most of our everyday way of life. If previously we more often shop directly to the store, now there is an online shop that is available at any time as a place to shop online. For business people, practicing a good online business marketing strategy is certainly a must-do after seeing the current buying trends online.

In marketing products offline and online, marketing strategy is still an important thing. With the right strategy, sales of products and services will be maximized. To maximize online marketing, here are some strategies that can be applied in online business.

Create an Online Shop Site On The First Page Of Search

There will be a lot of benefits gained if you can create an online shop site which can be ranked first in the search engine. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, this certainly can improve the image of the business being undertaken.

For this one business, you can hire SEO services or search engine optimization that can help to increase the ranking of online store sites. At present, there are quite a lot that provide these services. All that is needed is to look for those who are experienced, can be trusted and provide tangible results.

Maximize Networks and Relationships

In business, having a wide network is very important. By building a good network, you can market goods or services that are in a wide range. And the opportunity to get consumers or clients who are interested in the goods or services is even more and more.

To build a good network, try to start from the narrowest and then to the broadest. Not only that, online entrepreneurs must be able to build these connections starting from the beginning of online marketing.

Add Interesting Marketing Content

Not merely selling goods or services that are owned, you also have to provide interesting content to make visitors interested in coming to your online shop. This marketing media can be in the form of articles, videos or images in accordance with the business being undertaken.

For example, if you sell beauty products, then you can make videos about makeup tutorials or tips on using beauty products every day. This is very effective for capturing new customers and maintaining loyal customers so they don’t get bored visiting our online store.

Maximize the Use Of Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing in a business is like a snowball effect. The snowball that was originally not much will get bigger as it rolls further and further away. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique to start small businesses consistently in order to get maximum results.

Although small, the business that we do can be big as long as we are diligent in running the business. A marketing plan with this pattern means that you make small things for a long-term goal. So, the online business marketing strategy that is carried out must be integrated with one another and lead to the goal or end goal of the business.

Join the Marketplace

To make customers not afraid to shop online, joining an e-commerce or marketplace can be the right way. Here because payments will be safer because of a third party responsible.

By joining the marketplace or e-commerce, you also have the opportunity to meet new customers who are looking for products that match the product descriptions they have. This can also improve the image of your products in the community.

Have a Target as the Initial Platform

In business, marketing targets become one of the important things to consider. Try to always map the target market for a certain time. This online business marketing strategy is carried out because not everyone wants or needs the product being sold.…