Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic

Marketing Strategy

The more the Covid-19 Virus spreads, the more businesses will suffer. You must use a marketing strategy so that your business can survive. The existence of restrictions on leaving the house and quarantine for each of them makes customers even more alienated. Yet some businesses are improving, while others are struggling with just a sale or two. This means, you as a businessman have to rethink what efforts will be made to keep the business running. Here are seven product marketing strategies that can be implemented during a pandemic

Use the Right Topic

Coronavirus is big news. It’s natural for everyone to talk about it. Even customers are starting to find out for themselves what Corona Virus is and buy products according to their needs for the next few weeks to protect themselves from the transmission. This presents opportunities for several business sectors such as healthcare, medical products, food and beverage, and other necessities.

Improve Online Applications and Content

If your business has an application, you can maximize the features of your application. The features that are maximized can be in the form of old features or new features according to customer needs. You can also enter content that you have created by searching for previous topics and keywords into the application. But the content that you create must remain relevant, for example, when you are running in a health or fitness business, you can create a special feature for reporting symptoms of the Covid-19 Virus or you can create content about simple sports and making healthy foods to help customers fight the Corona Virus.

Ensure Product Safety

You need to pay more attention to any promotions or sales that you offer. Avoid all negative impressions that can damage your business brand. You can also provide videos to customers on how product safety and assurance have been carried out. This will help them increasingly believe that you are indeed minimizing all risks of transmitting the Covid-19 Virus.

Communicating with Customers Through the Media

If your current business has a high demand for a particular product but it is difficult for your business to get stock due to temporary production closures, logistical delays, or other issues. You can inform the customer about this. Provide information about the estimated delivery time, give reasons why the product arrived slower than usual and tell them any problems you are having so they can be certain.

Target Loyal Customers

Instead of trying to get new customers, the better business is increasingly focused on the customers who have transacted with your business. Your loyal customers must have believed in the products you produce and they will continue to be loyal even if there are a few obstacles. Stocks that run out quickly and late delivery will be better understood by old customers in waiting for your SME products.

Create Relevant Marketing Materials

With the Corona Virus crisis in mind, including keywords and visuals that are relevant to the current situation in your marketing campaign can attract attention. Also, create marketing materials with useful messages so that customers feel hooked and buy your product.…

The Right Type of Digital Marketing Strategy

The work of developing a digital marketing strategy does seem to be easy for anyone to do. This is due to the basic ways of digital marketing at this time are well known in the community who are the target of direct marketing. It is also possible that in general, some people have succeeded in becoming consumers obtained through digital marketing. You can also be one of them and also want to try to use digital marketing for the business that you are developing.

As explained earlier, digital marketing is a term used for efforts to market business products digitally. Surely digitally referring to the latest ways that use many types of technology and online. You may already know in general about the various strategies for digital marketing. But it’s not enough just that, you also have to learn specifically every strategy you get. In the section below, we will explain at least 9 types of digital marketing strategies, hopefully, they will be useful!

Hold a Giveaway

The first strategy for marketing your business products online is to hold a giveaway. Giveaway is a special event that many online stores do to increase the number of followers and make followers aware of the existence of the products they sell. You also have to try to do this giveaway, but be sure to give a giveaway with conditions that make followers interested in the products you sell, ok!

Create Video Marketing Content

Most content from marketing done digitally is in the form of photos or reviews (writing). Whereas in addition to these various things, there are still other marketing content in the form of videos that might be easier to explain the product specifically. You can try using marketing methods with this video content. Although it requires a more complicated process to prepare it, the results will not be disappointing.

Focus on Making Optimum SEO

Perhaps the most overlooked digital marketing strategy is optimum SEO. Most still do not recognize that SEO has a very important role to increase digital traffic. Therefore, your business must not follow the wrong strategy. You still have to make sure SEO is optimum if needed, use experienced personnel to optimize your business SEO.

Use the Benefits of Public Relations

Do not forget to also use the public relations department to provide the best service in digital marketing. Because digital marketing interacts with prospective customers indirectly, it does not mean that public relations can act improperly. Whatever questions must be answered responsively, so too if there are complaints and praise. Interaction with consumers or potential customers will greatly affect the sustainability of your business.

Use Marketing Through E-mail

If you have a list of e-mail buyers in your store before, it is important to use e-mail as a marketing tool. Send the latest product catalog and market products that are of interest to consumers based on their shopping history. Of course, this method is very effective to make loyal buyers and re-buy business products that you sell.

Do Collaboration

One more type of strategy to do digital marketing that is effective but not much done. This method is done by collaborating between brands. Together your business and other collaborating brands can target loyal customers from both existing brands. The results will not be disappointing considering followers who previously only followed one brand can change to follow both.

Take advantage of Social Media as a Marketing Place

Don’t forget to also create your business social media account. All digital marketing methods and strategies that you can do must use social media as a tool. So make sure to create an attractive business account and in accordance with the target customers, you are aiming for. For example in terms of how to sell t-shirts online, then make sure to create a social media account on Instagram so that you can easily upload photos of T-shirt products sold.

Make the Best Ad as Possible

Digital advertising can be sure to be far more effective than other types of advertising. Especially if you use advertisements using social media. Your business product advertisement can even be sent directly to the target consumers as you wish. So be sure to make the best use of digital advertising so you can feel the benefits.

Hopefully, the digital marketing above is useful. Good luck!…

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital marketing trends become the most important thing in developing the right sales strategy. In the midst of increasingly advanced times like today, of course, there is much that can be done, one of which is in terms of marketing. But of course, it must be admitted, what are the trends that are happening right now. The resulting, of course, will have the necessary significant influence. Here are some trends that you can consider for future marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

First in the digital marketing trend of 2020, staying will become a phenomenon called Artificial Intelligence or coolly called Artificial Intelligence. Of course with the growing technology, several ways can be done to increase operational costs. In this case, the company can do a variety of ways, one of them by creating the AI ​​itself. There are many benefits available in it.

Influencer Marketing

Another thing in digital marketing trends that you can find out about is Marketing Influencers. This year also, next year 2020 reportedly the marketing method using influencers will be even more sophisticated. The media used by these influencers began to exist, starting from YouTube, Vlogger, and so forth. This makes the current trend is still ongoing and continued in the future.

Voice Search Feature

Of course, it would be quite inconvenient if you search manually, or browse directly on your Smartphone or handheld device. In this case, the application can be done using sound. So if you want to find something, just use the sound and the desired results will come out in a flash. This is a significant technology that will be able to provide extraordinary benefits in it.

Virtual Augmented Realities

In the end, digital marketing trends such as Virtual Augmented Reality will become a sophisticated technology that is ready to welcome the development of Trend in 2020. This will also be used by business people in order to reap profits more easily. In this case, there are indeed many applications that you will be able to do in it. So no need to worry and worry anymore for the application. Because technological sophistication will increasingly facilitate all business activities themselves.…

Home Business Marketing Strategies

The right home-based business marketing strategy is needed especially for business people who are just pursuing business. Considering a home-based business is the right choice for beginners who want to jump-start a business with small capital. Apart from being able to run a home business, home business can also leave the main task with the family. In addition, a home-based business can also be used as a livelihood to increase family income. Running a home-based business is basically the same as running a business in general. Starting from the planning process, the production process to the marketing strategy. One of the success in running a business is obtained from the right marketing strategy.

In business, marketing is often an obstacle, even as good as any business idea if it is not matched by a marketing strategy it will be eroded by competitors. In addition, if you do not have a good marketing strategy, sales will not run smoothly and will certainly be detrimental. So do not be surprised if the home business marketing strategy becomes the spearhead of success in doing a home business. Then what is the right home business marketing strategy?

1. Distribute flyers and pamphlets

Running a home business certainly has a marketing target that is often located in the area around the house or still in the same area. To that end, distributing several brochures is considered to be one of the right and effective marketing strategies. In addition to distributing brochures, home-based businesses can also put flyers in places that are easily seen by people and crowded with visitors. The more people who read brochures or pamphlets, the more automatically people will find out about the home-based business they are going through. In addition to brochures and pamphlets, businesses can also place banners at strategic locations that are easily known by people. So that it can increase customers who come to use or buy products offered.

2. Make use of online media

Doing business in the digital age is very closely related to the use of information technology, especially online media to support existing business processes. Utilizing online media as one of the home business marketing strategies is considered able to help increase effectiveness in marketing. Home-based businesses can use social media like Instagram, Facebook and others to reduce marketing costs that are more efficient. In addition, it can expand target consumers because of course online media users come from several regions and enable the process of disseminating information easily.

3. Expanding Relations

Another home business marketing strategy can be to expand relationships. The point is that home-based business people must be able to expand relations as widely as possible so that the business they run is known by many people. If that has been done, more and more consumers will come and buy the products offered. Although marketing strategies by distributing brochures or pamphlets and utilizing online media can also broaden relations, home-based businesses still need to make efforts to expand relations. Home-based businesses can notify neighbors around the location of the business so that they can help promote or find partners to work together in running a business.

4. Following the Exhibition

Attending events such as exhibitions or fairs is also part of one of the home business marketing strategies. Exhibition or bazaar events, in general, are often held in an area to commemorate certain events or even the exhibition is made specifically to accommodate home-based business people to promote their business. Through this event, the products offered can be widely recognized by various walks of life in the exhibition and can be even more widely spread.

5. Market to Stores or Mini Markets

If starting a home business is still on a small scale, businesses can start from marketing to stores or mini markets. This system is often carried out by other home-based businesses by collaborating with shop owners or mini markets. Of course, a home business marketing strategy like this can help increase product sales. Moreover, if the product packaging includes order information that can be contacted, this will also emphasize higher product sales figures.

From various information related to home business marketing strategies above, it can help home-based businesses that are currently developing and many people in Indonesia are trying to do business at home. From the home business marketing strategy above, keep in mind that the products offered need to have attractive, safe and comfortable packaging to carry. This becomes an additional point in itself to increase revenue because packaging is so important and can mem…

What is Marketing

Marketing is very vital in a business activity. Without the marketing department, a company will not get customers, which means no money coming in. Therefore, marketing and business are a unity that actually cannot be separated.

In this article, we will briefly review what marketing is starting from the definition, the task of a marketing department, to ways of doing marketing itself. Check out his review of marketing through the explanation below

With the increasingly shifting and dynamic marketing models and methods today, a company’s marketing division is also practically more adaptive to change. In general, there are at least 4 important parts that are the responsibility of a marketing division in a company today.

Social Media Manager

Social networking as a place for our prospective customers to gather should be a special concern for all marketers. Your business does not have to be active on all platforms but just focus on one channel whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or the other. Full Review: How Businesses Present on Social Media

Content Specialist

It’s no longer the time for you to promote by talking about your product/service only. Understand who your target market is, learn what problems they have, and make your business presence as a solution to their problems. More about what content specialist tasks and functions will be discussed in more detail in the next article about inbound marketing.

Automation Specialist

The task of the automation specialist is more focused on marketing tools that can be run automatically or semi-automatically. One tool that is widely used is the online advertisement, aka online advertising. Why online advertising can be called automation? Because in delivering an ad on the internet, service providers will use a special algorithm so that our ads can reach a specific target market that we are aiming for based on interests, hobbies, to the needs of our target market.

Analyst Marketing

This last task is somewhat different from the other three divisions. A marketing analyst is not required to make promotional content, but a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing performance from the three fields above. A marketing analyst must be able to formulate ways to optimize each marketing method whether through social media, blogs, or advertisements. Optimizations that are carried out are very diverse, starting from the design side, word selection, behavior from the market, and others.

Okay, that’s the basics of digital marketing that we have adapted to the latest trends. If you have an opinion or question, you can submit it through the comments column. Greetings to continue to work and innovate!…

4 Tips for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

When you want to increase income from your business, then what you need is a professional and trusted digital marketing agency that can promote your business. But in this digital age, there are already many choices of digital marketing agencies that are sure to make you confused about which one to choose, right? Try to read the 4 tips below to choose a digital marketing agency that is suitable for your business.

1. Agency Website Analysis

Try to imagine, when an agency promotes its services, but the appearance or website of that agency is not attractive, the design is not up to date, the features are not complete, do you still entrust the agency to promote your business? Certainly not! The logic is, to promote yourself through the website alone can not let alone promote your business through a good website, certainly not! Therefore analyzing an agency website is the most important thing you must do before proceeding to the next stage.

2. Study the Company Profile

Of course, you don’t want to carelessly use the services of a digital marketing agency, it’s unclear where the agency came from. You need to ‘know’ first about the background of the company, where the location is, the address is clear, there is a contact number, it’s easy and can be contacted. Try to check in the profile column or usually the agency creates a special page to explain who they really are. If they are indeed a professional digital agency, everything should be explained clearly without exception.

3. Services or Services Provided

You also need to be clear about what services or services are provided by the agency. Do what you need. Adjust your budget. Try asking first, is there an economical package or advice on which service you should take. Is the service in the form of one-time payment in a month or for a year. Everything you have to ask first. A professional agency will definitely give the best advice to prospective clients.

4. Client Portfolios

If you visit a digital marketing agency website, one part that you will definitely see is the portfolio of its clients. Try to pay close attention to the pictures and writings displayed with the title of the portfolio. Is the portfolio really the agency that does it or is it just displayed? Make sure the images and writing in the portfolio can be seen the results, not just display it to convince prospective clients that the agency is experienced. Try to be more thorough and critical!…

Get to Know a Website as a Marketing Tool

Marketing Website as the most effective media marketing. The reason why a website can be called the most effective media marketing. Because it plays an important role in marketing products or services and is an alternative for selling goods

Even though the internet is worldwide. There are still many goods or service companies that don’t even have a website yet. By having a website for your business. By having a website you can support the image of your company in the eyes of your customers and prospective customers. Some of the important benefits of using a website for a business:


You can design your website in a flexible and attractive way for visitors. You can immediately determine the business model and present complete information related to the advantages of your brand. In essence, you can offer your brand experience to consumers in a direct way. With a website too, consumers will have more confidence in the products you sell

Full power

You can fully control your site, both the code, hosting up to the number of pages, and so forth. You can also be more flexible to delete content or features or make minor adjustments, without you having to involve other parties.


You will fully get the attention of visitors, without having to compete with content or pages from other brands. Therefore, the content must be packaged as attractive as possible for visitors and provide opportunities for visitors to interact directly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want optimal results, then this SEO strategy cannot be ignored. Keep your brand always appearing on the first page, even if it can be at the top of the serial number on the first page of search engine searches.

Those are some tips from me about the benefits of the website for your business. Hopefully what I write can be useful…