What is Marketing

Marketing is very vital in a business activity. Without the marketing department, a company will not get customers, which means no money coming in. Therefore, marketing and business are a unity that actually cannot be separated.

In this article, we will briefly review what marketing is starting from the definition, the task of a marketing department, to ways of doing marketing itself. Check out his review of marketing through the explanation below

With the increasingly shifting and dynamic marketing models and methods today, a company’s marketing division is also practically more adaptive to change. In general, there are at least 4 important parts that are the responsibility of a marketing division in a company today.

Social Media Manager

Social networking as a place for our prospective customers to gather should be a special concern for all marketers. Your business does not have to be active on all platforms but just focus on one channel whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or the other. Full Review: How Businesses Present on Social Media

Content Specialist

It’s no longer the time for you to promote by talking about your product/service only. Understand who your target market is, learn what problems they have, and make your business presence as a solution to their problems. More about what content specialist tasks and functions will be discussed in more detail in the next article about inbound marketing.

Automation Specialist

The task of the automation specialist is more focused on marketing tools that can be run automatically or semi-automatically. One tool that is widely used is the online advertisement, aka online advertising. Why online advertising can be called automation? Because in delivering an ad on the internet, service providers will use a special algorithm so that our ads can reach a specific target market that we are aiming for based on interests, hobbies, to the needs of our target market.

Analyst Marketing

This last task is somewhat different from the other three divisions. A marketing analyst is not required to make promotional content, but a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing performance from the three fields above. A marketing analyst must be able to formulate ways to optimize each marketing method whether through social media, blogs, or advertisements. Optimizations that are carried out are very diverse, starting from the design side, word selection, behavior from the market, and others.

Okay, that’s the basics of digital marketing that we have adapted to the latest trends. If you have an opinion or question, you can submit it through the comments column. Greetings to continue to work and innovate!…

Get to know Digital Marketing Jobs

Lately, of course, we are already familiar with the term digital marketing, aren’t we? One of them through our gadget. For millennials, of course, the type of digital marketing job becomes a catchy thing. Indeed, thanks to rapidly developing technology, digital, marketing has now become a much sought after profession. Actually, what is digital marketing work? and why at least you have to know and it doesn’t even hurt to learn it.

Digital Marketing work, in general, has a variety of complex processes and techniques. Not surprisingly, if this job has a high value so much sought after. Broadly speaking, digital marketing must be responsible for everything related to marketing and branding their products digitally. Such as Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

Digital marketing manager is the person who is responsible for everything related to marketing and branding that is done online. What is the scope of the ‘online’ done by this digital marketing manager? Starting from social media, blogs or content marketing, eBooks, applications, videos, and mobile marketing (SMS / MMS). Anyway, everything related to the internet, then that includes the duties of a digital marketing manager.

Not all companies know and use this one service. Although globally and holding companies should be part of the organizational structure. Broadly speaking, the person who handles digital marketing work can indeed be called a Digital marketing manager. However, there are several tasks that we will often encounter, among others.

Digital Strategist

a person whose job is to think and conceptualize the idea of ​​a marketing campaign in the digital realm as a whole.

Social Media Strategist

A person in charge of conceptualizing and designing the distribution of marketing campaign content on social media.

Social Media Specialist

is a person in charge of maintaining and enhancing the engagement of fans and product customers through the delivery of content on social media.

SEO Specialist

A person whose job is to optimize and improve the ranking of a business website or product in search engines…