How to Work Online Marketing

Currently, in addition to being used for public interest, social media can also be used as a means of income. Online marketing is very important so that internet users can see our products. Before doing online marketing, we must understand how online marketing works. There are several things that must be understood with regard to online marketing, namely:

1. Have a Web / Blog / Social Media

Before starting online marketing the first thing to do is to choose the media you want to use as an online marketing tool. The media that you can use can be in the form of commercial online services or creating your own internet site. Commercial online services that are widely used today

2. Awareness

Good online marketing is a marketing technique that must be possessed by every social media user with commercial goals. The function of good and right online marketing is to get consumers with good quality. An important step for online marketers to take is to build consumer awareness of the product.

3. Interest

Consumer interest becomes crucial when we do online marketing. Interest can arise from how attractive and unique the language of the ad is created. After consumers are interested, of course, they will look for products in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other social networks. Where this will increase visitors who have the potential to become customers for our selling products.

4. Desire

After consumers can be convinced by the right online marketing that we do, consumers will begin to have desires. The uniqueness of the product, the right advertising language, and the testimonials provided will build consumer confidence in selling products. So that after they feel interested and confident, then they begin to have the desire to have.

5. Action

The next stage and the final stage of how online marketing works is the actions of consumers. When consumers have started to be interested in the products/services offered, the way online marketing works is almost 100 percent successful. consumer.

Those are some important things that must be known to see how the work of online marketing. It is better before doing online promotion, we first understand and master how to work from online marketing itself. Not only fixated on things that are not too urgent. So that what is done can be in accordance with predetermined targets.…

Difference Sales and Marketing

What is the difference between sales and marketing? Our sales and marketing the same thing? For some people who have not participated in these two fields, it might be considered the same. Seeing the community sees sales and marketing the same, selling products. Sales and marketing are indeed part of the company’s strategy to achieve the target. However, the focus of activities between sales and marketing is a different matter. To be more important the following are the differences between sales and marketing:

Understanding Sales and Marketing

To make it easier to understand, the first point discussed is about understanding. Sales are determined as part of the company that sells, ensuring that products are seen or not seen at prices that are in accordance with the initial plan that has been set but also with the agreement of consumers. While marketing is the whole system of business activities such as product approved, price determined, product approved and discussed goods with the aim of satisfying consumers. In short, this sale is a sale and marketing is a strategy to increase sales.

Work Process

Next, you will determine sales and marketing in terms of the collection process. Referring to the notion of sales which are sales, the sales work process is directly to discuss consumers. However, aside from being direct, sales or sales can also be done through media, such as telephone, social media or whatever. Basically this sales activity is a direct activity or direct interaction, as long as both parties are not a problem.

In order for the sales team to do its job properly, a marketing team is needed to conduct a market analysis or ask for the needs and needs of consumers. This marketing is considered a sales activity behind. Those who discuss how to promote, discuss the market, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of products, and so on. In other words, the difference between sales and marketing is marketing that is prepared with concepts, tools, strategies to make consumers interested and sales that are ready to serve consumers so that products sell well.

Priority & Function

In work priorities, differences in sales and marketing can be seen from the target activity. Marketing priority is to get consumers, encourage consumers and build good relationships so that they are loyal. If your customers or customers are many, the company’s revenue will also increase. The function of sales is to serve consumers and help them get the product they are looking for. From priorities and functions, it can be concluded that sales and marketing are two interrelated and synergistic activities.

Work Scope

Sales and marketing can also be distinguished from the space side. Sales or short-term sales. Yes, just see if you make a sale and purchase transaction, only limited to that right? After the transaction process is complete, the sales team no longer needs to be responsible with consumers. While marketing long term (long term). This seller must be related to the seller. Carried out after marketing activities, the team is still responsible for the relationship so that customer loyalty is not lost. In fact, the marketing team must be done with consumers since before the transaction occurs. Like the division of marketing work such as customer satisfaction, market research, and public relations.

The purpose of Marketing and Completion

Next difference. In marketing or marketing, the team is obliged to promote the brand image of the product or company. Request the decision of consumers to buy products because they know the quality or brand of the product. Meanwhile, in the field of sales or sales, brands need important things. Sales objectives are the company’s products sold and specified sales targets are met.

That’s the difference between sales and marketing. The company will not succeed if it only relies on sales because sales will not be created without good marketing. Therefore, in order for the company to continue to develop, it requires proper planning and management, both related to production, marketing, sales, finance and so on.…

Tips for Offering Products to Consumers

Someone who is building a new business or product often has difficulty in offering their products. This difficulty, if not resolved immediately can be the start of the closure of a business within 2-3 months of product launch, because it is unable to get high sales figures so that production costs are not covered.

To overcome this, various reliable sales strategies need to be implemented. One sales strategy that can be taken to increase sales is by offering good products. Even though the price and quality of the product certainly greatly influence the attractiveness of consumers, but without a good offer, it will still affect the ability of the product to be accepted by the public. Want to know how to offer good products to be easily accepted? Check out the following tips!


Before doing the trick to offering a product, make sure that you already have great confidence. With confidence, you will be able to offer products calmly and clearly, so that potential customers can understand and trust what you say. To maximize these tips, try to use the product that you offer first so that you have personal experience and sufficient knowledge about the product.

Show Product Excellence

In order for products to be easily accepted by potential customers, you must explain the benefits of the product when offering it. Show the details of the benefits of these products correctly and naturally. Usually, a prospective customer will be suspicious if you offer a product with an explanation that is too excessive and with a provocative tone. It doesn’t matter if your product has a few flaws, convey it well and make sure that the deficiency is not a problem because of its large benefits.

Don’t Underestimate Other Products

In business, of course, you have competitors who have similar or similar products. When you offer a product that you are selling, don’t denigrate other products. Despite the fact that the product does have a quality below your product, never mention it. This is done to maintain your business relationship for all parties, including customers and business clients. In addition, the behavior of demeaning other products will also be assessed by the people who act as potential buyers. Many buyers are ultimately not too sure of the advantages of a product precisely because the product market sales are too demeaning to its competitors so that it seems less objective.

Give a Good First Impression

A good first impression in the eyes of consumers when offering goods will cause a positive response to trust and buy the product offered and make your product a little hard to forget. This can certainly be an effective imaging. You can give a good first impression by using a persuasive or seductive way but do not seem forceful, giving a detailed and polite explanation so that consumers feel happy and understand all the advantages of your product without fear of intimidation.

Providing the Best Service

Service to consumers is the main key in offering new products. Provide the best service for all your consumers. Both old and new consumers. Serve each customer politely, wholeheartedly and sincerely. Usually, new customers who feel satisfied and comfortable will come back with their friends. To be fair to all consumers and serve calmly.

If the five tips on offering the product above have been successfully run by you and bring in high sales numbers, don’t forget to start good financial management. Make it a habit to record regular income and expenses and analyze the financial records to find out the next appropriate business step.

An online accounting software journal can be your trusted business partner to help with the problem of financial records properly. The journal also has a graph of financial statements that will continue to change according to the financial statements that you record through the Journal. With financial charts that are presented quickly and instantly, you can have financial analysis and good planning for the business easily. For all the important information about the Journal, you can get here.…

Strategies in Doing Social Media Marketing

Selling on social media is nothing new now. The average businessman has used social media for promotional activities, both for Branding purposes and for sales.

a lot of people who succeed in doing business through social media. Those who successfully run a business on the internet come from various ages. Even so many young people who have become successful entrepreneurs by selling on social media.

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the memory of consumers or potential customers about a product or company. This you can create by creating a logo that represents your business or product. You can use a number of parties who can assist you in making a logo such as a branding consultant or visual designer if you have some funds. Alternatively, you can use a website editor that is easy enough to use to create a logo. Website editors that can be used to create logos include Generators, GraphicSprings Logo Creators, and Logistics. Another social media marketing strategy is

Take advantage of existing features on Social Media

Social media has features that make it easy for users to interact with each other. These features can be used as a promotional tool for a product or a business. For example, Facebook has a place tag feature that can be chosen by the public when they want to post. This place tag feature can be an effective promotional tool for companies or businesses that are being run. For example, if someone tags a place in your place in their post, then your company can be seen by their social media friends.

Building Relationships on Social Media

In social media, relationships are very important. This can be obtained by replying to a number of messages or comments that come in and follow a number of accounts related to your business. This is needed to add material to your content or simplify the process of collaboration with certain parties when needed.

Determine Target Audience

Determine who your target audience is. Make the target audience the criteria according to your product. Based on the market segmentation you have set, you can then redefine what social media is right for your target audience, when is the right time to post & what content you should post on your social media


By evaluating, you can see and measure the extent of social media performance in your business. From the results of the evaluation, you can also improve something that is still far from your expectations and reflect on the content that has succeeded in getting quite a lot of feedback from the audience. In addition, you can also do repurposing-content if you evaluate your social media. Re-purposing content is repeated use of content from content that has succeeded in getting positive feedback from the audience. Content is not just posted just like that, but visualization of the content is used as a reference for subsequent posts in order to get the same feedback, even more.…

Online Business Marketing Strategy

The existence of the internet, undeniably, has changed most of our everyday way of life. If previously we more often shop directly to the store, now there is an online shop that is available at any time as a place to shop online. For business people, practicing a good online business marketing strategy is certainly a must-do after seeing the current buying trends online.

In marketing products offline and online, marketing strategy is still an important thing. With the right strategy, sales of products and services will be maximized. To maximize online marketing, here are some strategies that can be applied in online business.

Create an Online Shop Site On The First Page Of Search

There will be a lot of benefits gained if you can create an online shop site which can be ranked first in the search engine. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, this certainly can improve the image of the business being undertaken.

For this one business, you can hire SEO services or search engine optimization that can help to increase the ranking of online store sites. At present, there are quite a lot that provide these services. All that is needed is to look for those who are experienced, can be trusted and provide tangible results.

Maximize Networks and Relationships

In business, having a wide network is very important. By building a good network, you can market goods or services that are in a wide range. And the opportunity to get consumers or clients who are interested in the goods or services is even more and more.

To build a good network, try to start from the narrowest and then to the broadest. Not only that, online entrepreneurs must be able to build these connections starting from the beginning of online marketing.

Add Interesting Marketing Content

Not merely selling goods or services that are owned, you also have to provide interesting content to make visitors interested in coming to your online shop. This marketing media can be in the form of articles, videos or images in accordance with the business being undertaken.

For example, if you sell beauty products, then you can make videos about makeup tutorials or tips on using beauty products every day. This is very effective for capturing new customers and maintaining loyal customers so they don’t get bored visiting our online store.

Maximize the Use Of Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing in a business is like a snowball effect. The snowball that was originally not much will get bigger as it rolls further and further away. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique to start small businesses consistently in order to get maximum results.

Although small, the business that we do can be big as long as we are diligent in running the business. A marketing plan with this pattern means that you make small things for a long-term goal. So, the online business marketing strategy that is carried out must be integrated with one another and lead to the goal or end goal of the business.

Join the Marketplace

To make customers not afraid to shop online, joining an e-commerce or marketplace can be the right way. Here because payments will be safer because of a third party responsible.

By joining the marketplace or e-commerce, you also have the opportunity to meet new customers who are looking for products that match the product descriptions they have. This can also improve the image of your products in the community.

Have a Target as the Initial Platform

In business, marketing targets become one of the important things to consider. Try to always map the target market for a certain time. This online business marketing strategy is carried out because not everyone wants or needs the product being sold.…

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Use Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a term that has evolved since Android-based smartphones with a growing number of users. Various features offered by smartphones with the support of easier internet access, make more involved in getting and accessing information, which can improve their lifelines.

Take a look around you, it’s so easy to find someone who is so intimate with a smartphone. However, they can not be separated from the gadget. Often they spend a lot of time and do a lot of things from a smartphone the size of a handgrip. Starting from updating the news, conducting business promotions, establishing connections, paying bills to finding entertainment. There is a high dependency between the owner and their gadget.

When the development of smartphones is getting higher, protection efforts are also required to adapt to the protection of the market. Business needs for the development of mobile marketing systems are the same as consumers’ needs for fast and easy internet facilities.

Basically the understanding of mobile marketing is a marketing system by relying on ad serving by mobile through a special application system. Your ad can appear in searches conducted by smartphone users or you develop similar websites on a mobile application basis so that it can make it easier to get information about your products.

The thing to remember is the display of advertisements on smartphones that will discuss a small mobile screen, different from websites that use desktop-based display. This limitation will, of course, limit the market area you are aiming for.

A smartphone is a personal device while the owner can use it as needed, such as browsing, sharing information, or others. By implementing this mobile marketing, you can transfer consumers personally, which allows you to get free marketing. This step is more effective than conventional marketing.

More Optimal

When a short message comes to your cell phone, you will definitely read the contents of the message before you don’t know who sent it. Then you just decide to save or discard it. Message This optimal opportunity makes this marketing more effective. The mobile marketing system has the same power as marketing through this SMS.

Choice of Diverse Application Models

You can build a marketing system with various options, such as PP images, application applications, or games with a system sponsor. For example, you can offer toy products by first developing game applications with toy figures offered by mobile phones.


You can carry out special developments with special algorithms, such as giving special offers to those who are from GPRS unreadable in the area around your business or offering offers to users who are interested in special applications. This step will make your marketing activities more effective because your goals are right.

With so many activities that can be done with a smartphone and the amount of time that people use to move with their gadgets, you can make a smartphone as an alternative marketing medium.…

Online Business Marketing Strategies, These Must Be Imitated

In building a business venture, surely you need a product/service offered. In addition, customers are also required to use products/services from us. But how do we get our business to get a lot of customers? First of all, we have to introduce the product first. So potential customers already know our store

But do not know how to introduce the store to prospective customers? Know online business marketing tips for the problem! Effective and efficient online business marketing strategies:

Determine the Target Market

The first thing we can do is determine the target of our product/service. Determine who our goals are. By setting goals first, the business will be more targeted.

Build a Website

The second step we can build a website. So that customers not only know our store directly but online as well. Marketing online is far more effective. This website will be a place between our business and prospective customers. They can get to know the products we offer through the website. This makes it easy for customers right?

Make a Marketing Plan

After having a website, think about how it should be done so the website can be known by many people. To make these plans we can ask for help from reliable marketing and developers and designers who can improve the appearance of our online store website.

Use Digital Marketing Services

For online marketing problems, we can use digital marketing services. With them, advertising will be more optimal. They will help visitors become higher traffic. To deal with these problems can be done using:

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an ad marketing strategy that uses the Google search engine. Google Adwords is also known as Search Engine Marketing

Those are some online marketing tips. We can advertise an online business venture using one of the media above. Hope it is useful for our online business…