Get to know Digital Marketing Jobs

Lately, of course, we are already familiar with the term digital marketing, aren’t we? One of them through our gadget. For millennials, of course, the type of digital marketing job becomes a catchy thing. Indeed, thanks to rapidly developing technology, digital, marketing has now become a much sought after profession. Actually, what is digital marketing work? and why at least you have to know and it doesn’t even hurt to learn it.

Digital Marketing work, in general, has a variety of complex processes and techniques. Not surprisingly, if this job has a high value so much sought after. Broadly speaking, digital marketing must be responsible for everything related to marketing and branding their products digitally. Such as Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

Digital marketing manager is the person who is responsible for everything related to marketing and branding that is done online. What is the scope of the ‘online’ done by this digital marketing manager? Starting from social media, blogs or content marketing, eBooks, applications, videos, and mobile marketing (SMS / MMS). Anyway, everything related to the internet, then that includes the duties of a digital marketing manager.

Not all companies know and use this one service. Although globally and holding companies should be part of the organizational structure. Broadly speaking, the person who handles digital marketing work can indeed be called a Digital marketing manager. However, there are several tasks that we will often encounter, among others.

Digital Strategist

a person whose job is to think and conceptualize the idea of ​​a marketing campaign in the digital realm as a whole.

Social Media Strategist

A person in charge of conceptualizing and designing the distribution of marketing campaign content on social media.

Social Media Specialist

is a person in charge of maintaining and enhancing the engagement of fans and product customers through the delivery of content on social media.

SEO Specialist

A person whose job is to optimize and improve the ranking of a business website or product in search engines