Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

As a business owner, both corporate, online business and home business, would want success. Success in business will certainly not be separated from marketing activities. Various theories about marketing and tips for success in running it become a reference for business owners to carry out marketing activities. Often we also read various tips for marketing online and corporate businesses, but we rarely find ways to market or specifically tips for marketing activities for home-based businesses.

On this occasion, will share marketing tips for those of you who have a home business. Here are the ten tips:

 Website for Your Business

Even though your business is a home-based business, running online marketing activities will also have an influence on your offline sales. You can start marketing activities offline by creating a simple website. Through the Website that you have, you can introduce what business you are running, what products or services you offer to your target market and also how to contact you. Make sure all the information on the website pages is accurate, do not forget the good website design so that the marketing strategy that is implemented will take place properly.

Local Search

For home business owners, address and access to business locations are important. By listing your business location on various sites such as Google Site and Yahoo Local, your home-based business can be identified and accessed more easily by prospective customers.

Social Media

Currently, social media is one of the communication media that is being loved by the public. Social media such as FB and Twitter have not only been used to communicate between relatives and relatives, social media has also been used as a marketing or promotion media for various brands and products. By using social media, you have the opportunity to introduce and bring your home business closer to your target market.


Blogs are sites where you can update the latest content about the business that you are running through writing, images, videos, or links. You can create a blog through WordPress and also Blogger. In addition, you can also contact popular blog owners to promote your business through their blog posts.


Get public attention by contacting media such as magazines and television stations to publicize your home-based business. The more famous the product or service you offer, the greater the possibility of increasing sales figures.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is one of the marketing activities that can be offered to loyal customers of a home business that you are running. Every time your customer brings you a new customer, give him a reward in the form of a discount coupon, free product or various other types of rewards.

Make sure whatever home-based business activities you do are going well, why is it like that? Every good thing that can satisfy customers, it will create new possibilities, namely referrals to use the services you offer or try your products provided by satisfied customers to the next prospective customer. The more referrals that appear, the stronger word of mouth marketing your home business.

Public Speaking


If you really understand the issues regarding the field of products or services you offer, don’t hesitate to offer yourself as a speaker at seminars around that field. Through the event you can introduce your products or services so that the home-based business that you are running becomes better known to the public.