Strategies in Doing Social Media Marketing

Selling on social media is nothing new now. The average businessman has used social media for promotional activities, both for Branding purposes and for sales.

a lot of people who succeed in doing business through social media. Those who successfully run a business on the internet come from various ages. Even so many young people who have become successful entrepreneurs by selling on social media.

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the memory of consumers or potential customers about a product or company. This you can create by creating a logo that represents your business or product. You can use a number of parties who can assist you in making a logo such as a branding consultant or visual designer if you have some funds. Alternatively, you can use a website editor that is easy enough to use to create a logo. Website editors that can be used to create logos include Generators, GraphicSprings Logo Creators, and Logistics. Another social media marketing strategy is

Take advantage of existing features on Social Media

Social media has features that make it easy for users to interact with each other. These features can be used as a promotional tool for a product or a business. For example, Facebook has a place tag feature that can be chosen by the public when they want to post. This place tag feature can be an effective promotional tool for companies or businesses that are being run. For example, if someone tags a place in your place in their post, then your company can be seen by their social media friends.

Building Relationships on Social Media

In social media, relationships are very important. This can be obtained by replying to a number of messages or comments that come in and follow a number of accounts related to your business. This is needed to add material to your content or simplify the process of collaboration with certain parties when needed.

Determine Target Audience

Determine who your target audience is. Make the target audience the criteria according to your product. Based on the market segmentation you have set, you can then redefine what social media is right for your target audience, when is the right time to post & what content you should post on your social media


By evaluating, you can see and measure the extent of social media performance in your business. From the results of the evaluation, you can also improve something that is still far from your expectations and reflect on the content that has succeeded in getting quite a lot of feedback from the audience. In addition, you can also do repurposing-content if you evaluate your social media. Re-purposing content is repeated use of content from content that has succeeded in getting positive feedback from the audience. Content is not just posted just like that, but visualization of the content is used as a reference for subsequent posts in order to get the same feedback, even more.