Marketing Funnel in Business

The definition of a marketing funnel is a business strategy that will help buyers visualize their journey. This means that the buyer’s journey starts from the product introduction stage to the buying process. The marketing funnel method explains the process of how someone goes from not knowing the brand to knowing it. Between not knowing and knowing there is a process of weighing, making purchases, evaluating products, and becoming customers.

Funnel building is a process that can make a business grow in no time. Sales funnels can help as a marketing strategy guide process. This funnel concept is suitable for digital marketing techniques. Here are some important tips for optimizing the appropriate funnel marketing concept.


Awareness is the most important part in business promotion. Reach as many potential buyers as possible in the early stages. The more potential buyers people target, the more likely they are to earn revenue. That’s why many business players in the beginning wasted funds for promotional purposes. The risk is that if you are not good at managing it, your money will be wasted.

Consideration Process

The awareness stage is successful, then move on to consideration. In this process, business owners can showcase their products related advantages. The reason is realizing that these products are not the only products that exist in the imagination of potential buyers.

It is at this time that prospective buyers consider products with those of competitors. For that, emphasize the superiority of the product over the competitors. But don’t be too aggressive, make sure it looks more professional.


At this phase, the hope is that the transaction process will run smoothly and be resolved soon. So there is no need to use many page options or buttons to check out. There’s also no need to link pages with irrelevant content. Because there is time here, if not immediately can change the minds of potential buyers.

Repurchase Process

Funnel marketing techniques can be easy to earn from existing customers rather than finding new customers. This is also related to the quality of a product.

Based on business information, the key to an increase in business is to retain customers. One of them by making them satisfied and comfortable.…