Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic

Marketing Strategy

The more the Covid-19 Virus spreads, the more businesses will suffer. You must use a marketing strategy so that your business can survive. The existence of restrictions on leaving the house and quarantine for each of them makes customers even more alienated. Yet some businesses are improving, while others are struggling with just a sale or two. This means, you as a businessman have to rethink what efforts will be made to keep the business running. Here are seven product marketing strategies that can be implemented during a pandemic

Use the Right Topic

Coronavirus is big news. It’s natural for everyone to talk about it. Even customers are starting to find out for themselves what Corona Virus is and buy products according to their needs for the next few weeks to protect themselves from the transmission. This presents opportunities for several business sectors such as healthcare, medical products, food and beverage, and other necessities.

Improve Online Applications and Content

If your business has an application, you can maximize the features of your application. The features that are maximized can be in the form of old features or new features according to customer needs. You can also enter content that you have created by searching for previous topics and keywords into the application. But the content that you create must remain relevant, for example, when you are running in a health or fitness business, you can create a special feature for reporting symptoms of the Covid-19 Virus or you can create content about simple sports and making healthy foods to help customers fight the Corona Virus.

Ensure Product Safety

You need to pay more attention to any promotions or sales that you offer. Avoid all negative impressions that can damage your business brand. You can also provide videos to customers on how product safety and assurance have been carried out. This will help them increasingly believe that you are indeed minimizing all risks of transmitting the Covid-19 Virus.

Communicating with Customers Through the Media

If your current business has a high demand for a particular product but it is difficult for your business to get stock due to temporary production closures, logistical delays, or other issues. You can inform the customer about this. Provide information about the estimated delivery time, give reasons why the product arrived slower than usual and tell them any problems you are having so they can be certain.

Target Loyal Customers

Instead of trying to get new customers, the better business is increasingly focused on the customers who have transacted with your business. Your loyal customers must have believed in the products you produce and they will continue to be loyal even if there are a few obstacles. Stocks that run out quickly and late delivery will be better understood by old customers in waiting for your SME products.

Create Relevant Marketing Materials

With the Corona Virus crisis in mind, including keywords and visuals that are relevant to the current situation in your marketing campaign can attract attention. Also, create marketing materials with useful messages so that customers feel hooked and buy your product.…