9 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Do you have WordPress to write a blog? Sometimes using WordPress for the first time is confusing, that’s why you need to know some Word Press mistakes to avoid. Some mistakes do not have a fatal impact, but minimizing errors is a solution to streamline work. Of course your work can go more smoothly without having to fix the mistakes.

In addition to avoiding errors that may occur, you should also not tire of learning WordPress. The more you understand WordPress, the better your blog or website will look like. Check out the full review below about what the error in question is? Take note! What number of errors have you experienced?

Wrong Choose Platform

The first wordpress mistake to avoid is the mistake of choosing a platform. There are actually two important platforms that you should differentiate, WordPress.com and WordPress.org. So, what are the differences between the two platforms? although it basically has the same thing as a free website creation platform.

Not Creating Correct Categories And Tags

To be able to increase interaction between users and your blog or website, use categories and tags correctly. Enter the appropriate articles into categories and tags so that readers will be more curious about your website. Precisely if a web post or blog is not equipped with tags and categories, it can result in losing rankings in search engines. Of course you don’t want to do you? In WordPress, you can easily create tags and categories.

 Irrelevant External Links

The next wordpress mistake to avoid is irrelevant external links. More attention is needed to ensure that the link is relevant so that the website/blog remains in context. Search engines usually pay close attention to the links you share to other sites. It then automatically compares thematic content to assess the relevance of those links.

 Error Choosing Theme

There are many themes that you can choose from, even the available WordPress themes can number in the thousands. What do you want to choose? Everyone has different tastes, usually the theme selection is based on four important things such as compatible for all devices, easy to customize, plugins that match the theme and themes that don’t slow down loading.

Carelessly Install Plugins

The existence of a plugin can make it easier for various features on your website/blog, therefore you need the right plugin to be installed on WordPress. WordPress mistakes to avoid installing plugins can be fatal. Plugins that can be installed are plugins that come from the official WordPress.org directory so that their security can be more trusted. To find the right plugin, check reviews from the WordPress review column or various other forums.

Changing The Domain Carelessly

So that this one error does not occur, you should make sure from the start your domain name is correct. So that in the future it does not cross the mind to change the domain name to a more feasible domain name. Use the proper method when you want to change the domain name. Carelessly changing the domain will cause you a loss, how can that be? Of course, because you could lose the traffic you were getting on the previous domain.

 Poor Quality Backlinks

Avoid mistakes in using backlinks because you want to quickly increase the ranking of your website/blog in search engines. Some bloggers deliberately buy backlinks from backlink farms, even though the backlinks can be of low quality. In fact, before placing a backlink you should look at the value of DA and PA as a consideration. Quality backlinks will increase a good impression for your website/blog in the eyes of search engines.

Just Enter The Code Snippet Into The Theme File

This is a WordPress mistake that everyone should avoid. Adding the code snippet in the functions.php file is a fundamental mistake because it’s not an ideal place.

Precisely the theme modifications that you have done and then use another theme will be lost easily. You are better advised to add code to the function file in order to replace some parts that are specific to the theme, not for code snippets!…

5 Digital Marketing Media Marketers

Unlike in the past, digital marketing media are now increasingly mushrooming in various circles. Therefore, it can bring huge opportunities for businessmen and entrepreneurs of course. With digital media, marketers will certainly have wider opportunities to market a product or service. So that will give you the best opportunity to put yourself in front of potential customers. And this opportunity also provides added value from using digital media today!

Many business people and entrepreneurs use the five media below to market their products online. This is none other than because the five digital marketing media really help increase product sales, what do you want to know?


The first media recommendation that you can choose is none other than Instagram. There are so many features that this social media has. That way, you can make the best use of it to attract potential buyers later. You must have an Instagram account to market your products so that later your product sales will increase. This is none other than because Instagram is a place where everyone shares photo and video feeds in real time.


Similar to Instagram, Facebook is also one of the media that you can choose to market your products. This is none other than because until now the number of Facebook users has been increasing. For that you can take advantage of these opportunities to increase sales of your own business products, right? Don’t get me wrong, you can’t underestimate social media on this one! Given that almost all people in the world surf in the virtual world.


Another social media that you can use is none other than WhatsApp. Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp has also been downloaded and used by many people around the world. By using this one social media, of course you can get very high sales traffic later. Moreover, you can also use a special application called WhatsApp Business which is used for product sales. Not a few entrepreneurs and business people use the WhatsApp account to achieve the predetermined target.

Google Ads

The service from Google that you should not miss from now on is none other than Google Ads. Where this one service is often the target of entrepreneurs and business people. This is none other than because Google Ads is a very large advertising service throughout the world. Interestingly, you can take advantage of Google Ads by creating quality content. Of course, the content must use SEO standards so that it can be found by potential consumers more easily. Also make sure that you have used the right keywords for the product you are selling.


Finally, you can use various marketplaces to offer the products that were sold earlier. There are many types of marketplaces that you can choose from. Usually, the three points above are the most widely used media for selling online. But you just need to choose one of the many types of marketplaces that have been described above, of course. That way, you can do a much better business promotion strategy, of course.

One thing you have to remember to expand your potential customers is to create your own offline store, of course. Because offline stores are just as important as online stores.

The five types of marketing media that have been reviewed above are certainly able to promote your business. In fact, you can also build relationships between consumers through the media, you know! If a good relationship between these consumers continues to be nurtured, it is not impossible that later they will become loyal customers through digital marketing media.…

How to Use Google Trends

How to use Google Trends varies depending on what it’s used for. The reason is, the benefits of this Google Trends service are many. It can be used for keyword research, seeing things that are trending, and so on. Of course this will be very useful for the development of the SEO process in doing digital marketing via the website. The goal of website owners is to have a lot of visitors, especially if it is related to AdSense.

However, getting visitors is not easy. Especially seeing the number of competitors who also have the same expectations as you. even a lot of content does not mean making the number of visitors can go up. It could be because you are wrong in determining the trending topic. So that visitors are reluctant to click on your website content. Then how?

One of the tools that will help make it easier for people to visit your website is Google Trends. The following will discuss some things related to Google Trends. Determine what topics are relevant to your business or website. After that, make recommendations for keyword searches using Google Trends. Well, here are some things that users can do with Google Trends and how.

To Open Google Trends Using Google Account

Use a Google account then you can open the Google Trends service. You do this by writing Google Trends in the search engine. Later at the bottom the user will find a display related to an example of a keyword search map. Underneath again there is a section to see keywords that are experiencing an increase stage. From that page, users can filter by selecting country, time, category, and so on.

Usage As Keyword Research Using Google Trends

It is necessary to know the various functions of Google Trends so that it is easier to operate. Its main function is as a tool for conducting keyword research.

You can find various keywords that are appropriate and relevant to what you are looking for. Write the topic in the Enter a Search Term or a Topic or Add a Search Term column.

Comparing Keywords Through Google Trends

It’s easy to use Google Trends to do keyword searches. So, after that, what steps can users do again with this tool? Namely by comparing the potential keywords that users find. Do these keywords have better potential than others? Google Trends will compare your keyword with 5 other keywords through the comparison feature.

Using Effective Search Options

The use of Google Trends is not only for analyzing user search results on search engines. but also on YouTube. Using the same page users can do a search for YouTube trending. If the user clicks on Youtube, Google Trends will automatically change the graphic display for YouTube. Even though the keywords are the same, Google and YouTube searches are different.

Making Trend Predictions

The next way to use Google Trends is as a tool to predict trends. Later Google Trends will provide fairly complete information. So that by finding out through Google Trends, users can get the right content topic. Later can make it as attractive as possible so that many fans.

How to Find Additional Insights on the Top Chart

Unlike trends, Top Chart is a feature that people use to view topics from various categories. For example, the most popular animal today is fish. Apart from that, there are also other popular things that users can find.

Use for Positioning Products

At this point the user can see the cycles that might occur. For example, when someone will search for keywords. For example, keywords related to Eid parcels, so most of their searches are done before Eid.…

The Effect of Metaverse on Digital Marketing

The impact of the metaverse on digital marketing will be important for decades to come. Especially for expert marketers, it is necessary to look at how much influence the metaverse has for businesses. Metaverse could be of greater value in the near future. These considerations are based on the fact that the virtual universe will be possible as the future of the internet is newer and better.

That’s why the metaverse has such a big impact on various digital media and online sales. Mainly in terms of marketing. The influence of the metaverse on digital marketing contributes quite a lot. The influence of the metaverse on digital marketing is quite significant in this era. Thanks to the pandemic and the process of changing the name of the big tech company Facebook Inc to Meta Inc, making it the talk of the town.

The popularity of the metaverse is getting support from many parties. Because they also participated in trying out the virtual world experience and made many other people motivated.

Consumers Looking For New Experiences

Currently, there are many consumers who are bored with the video display that is only limited to status. Appears on the website or on various social media just like that. Majority of them crave immersive and interactive videos.

The reason is seen as one of the more interesting than the others. Today’s business people are not only limited to marketing a product. However, the marketing world prefers to play a role in defining the brand, defining the role of the product, and so on.

Advanced Co-Creation Needs

Digital marketing experts have tried to involve consumers in creating content. This is a term that is expected to allow consumers to publish various content to showcase their brand. One challenge is how to encourage co-creation to make it feel more authentic and meaningful. The metaverse allows users and marketers to create content together.

Can Strengthen Diversity

In this case, consumers expect the brand to be marketed using diversity and inclusion in online advertising. However, the majority of consumers still feel dissatisfied because their expectations have not been fully represented.

Metaverse creates its own experience and everything becomes centered on its own digital world. Metaverse allows marketers to include their brand in an experience. This step will involve consumers more in the transaction process rather than just displaying the appearance of a model that is not personally known. They can use it directly rather than just seeing it.…

Marketing Funnel in Business

The definition of a marketing funnel is a business strategy that will help buyers visualize their journey. This means that the buyer’s journey starts from the product introduction stage to the buying process. The marketing funnel method explains the process of how someone goes from not knowing the brand to knowing it. Between not knowing and knowing there is a process of weighing, making purchases, evaluating products, and becoming customers.

Funnel building is a process that can make a business grow in no time. Sales funnels can help as a marketing strategy guide process. This funnel concept is suitable for digital marketing techniques. Here are some important tips for optimizing the appropriate funnel marketing concept.


Awareness is the most important part in business promotion. Reach as many potential buyers as possible in the early stages. The more potential buyers people target, the more likely they are to earn revenue. That’s why many business players in the beginning wasted funds for promotional purposes. The risk is that if you are not good at managing it, your money will be wasted.

Consideration Process

The awareness stage is successful, then move on to consideration. In this process, business owners can showcase their products related advantages. The reason is realizing that these products are not the only products that exist in the imagination of potential buyers.

It is at this time that prospective buyers consider products with those of competitors. For that, emphasize the superiority of the product over the competitors. But don’t be too aggressive, make sure it looks more professional.


At this phase, the hope is that the transaction process will run smoothly and be resolved soon. So there is no need to use many page options or buttons to check out. There’s also no need to link pages with irrelevant content. Because there is time here, if not immediately can change the minds of potential buyers.

Repurchase Process

Funnel marketing techniques can be easy to earn from existing customers rather than finding new customers. This is also related to the quality of a product.

Based on business information, the key to an increase in business is to retain customers. One of them by making them satisfied and comfortable.…

Tips for Business Success At a Young Age

Until now, the way to become a successful person still ranks first in the search engines. This proves that today so many young people are struggling in finding ways to achieve success. Although it can’t be said to be easy, but being successful at a young age is not an impossible thing to achieve, there are many young entrepreneurs who are successful before turning 25 years old. Until now, the way to become a successful person still ranks first in the search engines. This proves that today so many young people are struggling in finding ways to achieve success. Although it can’t be said to be easy, but being successful at a young age is not an impossible thing to achieve, there are many young entrepreneurs who are successful before turning 25 years old. To realize success at a young age, of course, you will first feel the bitter reality. Therefore, in order not to give up quickly, a young person must have a strong belief like steel.

Dare to Start

One of the main capital that must be owned by a prospective entrepreneur to achieve success is the courage to start. Moreover, those of you who are still young have creative ideas to implement. Someone who is still easy has a lot of time to learn from an experience and also business failures that have previously occurred in your life and that of others.

Never Give Up

A young person must have an unyielding attitude in achieving success in life. Basically a failure is always there. Therefore, the action you must take is to prepare for the failure. Face all challenges and failures with an unyielding attitude.


One way to become rich is to have a commitment. When someone does something half-heartedly, it will also make him ordinary and stagnant. In order to be successful in doing something, then you must have a full commitment in intention or action.

Don’t Think About The Results

You must know and remember that your goal is to be successful at a young age. Therefore, you should focus more on the journey process in achieving your dreams or goals rather than focusing on the final result.

Have a Target

To be successful at a young age, you must have a goal. If you want to open a business business, but you don’t have a target in running it, then the business you are running will run in place or will not experience any changes according to the development and progress of the times.

Therefore, you must be able to determine the target that you will achieve within a certain time frame. In determining a target, you should separate it into two parts, namely short-term or long-term targets.

Well, those were some of the ways you can do to achieve success at a young age, good luck and hopefully useful.…

Online Business Marketing Strategy

The existence of the internet, it cannot be denied, has changed most of the ways of everyday life. If previously you used to shop more often directly at the store, now there is an online shop that is ready at any time as a place to shop online. For business people, practicing a good online business marketing strategy is certainly something that must be done after seeing the current trend of buying online. In marketing products, both offline and online, marketing strategy is still an important thing. With the right strategy, sales of products and services will be maximized. To maximize online marketing, here are some strategies that can be applied in online business.

Create An Online Shop Site On The First Page Of Search

There will be many advantages to be gained if you can create an online shop site which can be in the first order of search engines. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, this can certainly improve the image of the business being undertaken.

Maximize Networks And Relationships

In business, having a wide network is very important. By building a good network, you can intensify your online business marketing strategy by offering goods or services that are in a wide range. The opportunity to get consumers or clients who are interested in these goods or services is also increasing.

Add Interesting Marketing Content

Not only selling goods or services that you own, you also have to provide interesting content to make visitors interested in coming to your online shop. This marketing media can be in the form of articles, videos or images that are in accordance with the business being undertaken.

Maximize The Use Of Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing in a business is like a snowball effect. The snowball that was initially small will get bigger as it rolls further away. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique for starting a small business consistently in order to get maximum results.

Understand The Trends And Platforms Used

Being a businessman means that you must always be up to date and follow the existing trends. You must be flexible in using various social media that are currently being widely used by the public.

Have A Target As A Starting Point

In business, target marketing is one of the important things to pay attention to. Try to always map out the target market for a certain time. This online business marketing strategy is done because not everyone wants or needs the products being sold.

 Take Advantage Of Facebook Marketing To Place Ads

This is the next online business marketing strategy. Despite the emergence of many other social media, Facebook is still one of the social media that is widely used by customers of various backgrounds and ages. Therefore, Facebook remains a potential market in online business.

Join The Marketplace

Next is to join a marketplace or e-commerce. Currently it is no secret that online business is increasingly mushrooming.

Try a marketing strategy with Google Adwords

If you want to take advantage of the Google search engine, give Google AdWords a try. In fact, today’s online consumers will mostly look for reviews and start searching for the products they need through Google.

Therefore, Google AdWords becomes a very useful thing because for certain keywords, locations, or topics that visitors are looking for, if it is related to your business, then your business ads will appear on the top page of the Google search engine.…